Ider Homemakers elect key member, invite community to join

The Ider Homemakers Club recently elected Robin W. Thompson as key member.

The Ider Homemakers Club met and elected our Key Member for 2020. Due to the COVID-19 virus situation, most of the 2020 meetings were put on hold or held in a limited capacity. We are very grateful, as I am sure most everyone is, that this virus may be waning.

Our Key Member is chosen by the club members each year. The person nominated is a very key person involved in the club's activities such as fund-raising, teaching, supporting and helping in every way possible to make the club a success.

This year, we have elected Robin W. Thompson as our key member. Robin has help with creating and finalizing our scrap book for judging, fund raising, donations and many other activities.

The Ider Homemakers club has been in existence in some way since the late 1920's. Some of the early members included Louise Berry, Christine Dake, Kitty Jones, Lola Moss, Mrs. Jolly, Mrs. Boydston and many others over the years. Several of the original members saw a great need for a library in Ider, Al. They worked diligently to secure funds and see the Ider Public Library formed. Today, as we all know, it serves the Ider community in a wonderful capacity. We are so fortunate to have had these outstanding women donate their time, talents and wealth of information to the Ider community over the years. It is such an honor to be a part of this club and realize the many, many years it has enriched the community.

While on "leave" due to the virus, the Ider club still managed to meet outdoors or other "socially distancing" ways to continue to donate, sew, and paint. During the pandemic one of our members, Beth Martin's daughter, Mona, passed away. We felt it was very important to keep in contact with Beth. We all appreciate the mutual support we receive as members.

If you would like to join the Ider HCL club, you are welcome. Please contact our president Jean Hensley or any of our members. You may also visit our Facebook page "Ider Homemakers".

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