"How well I remember July 20, 1969.

Where we were- Memorial hospital, Chattanooga, Tennessee, where we lived at the time.

We arrived early on this Sunday as I recall. This would be the day our baby would be born. However, it would be some time before she would arrive.

As I recall, TVs were on in every area on the maternity ward. My husband and I got settled in and the TV was on for some time. We watched this exciting event– never thought we would see in our lifetime, man walking on the moon, but we did.

The day went on. Everyone around was filled with excitement as all waited for the actual landing. After a few hours, the time came for our special event to arrive, which she did some time 3 p.m.

Our blessing arrived a precious baby girl, which would be daughter number three. 8 lbs. 5 oz. 20 in., we were thrilled and excited that she was just beautiful and perfect, and that she came into this world as history was happening.

We will always remember that special day for more reason than one. As we are getting ready to remember and celebrate the 50th anniversary of what my husband and I actually in reality saw happening on the moon, wow? It was spectacular to say the least.

I must say, we feel very blessed to be here to celebrate the event. And I must add, the focus of our personal celebration will be on our daughter’s birthday.

– Tom and JoAnna Clowers


Our daughter’s name is Lori Adams, she is employed at Siemens. She is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer at DeKalb Regional Hospital."

More Memories

“I was working with the phone company at the time, and a bunch of us guys sat around and watched it together.” – Larry Chesser

“I had just recently become a state trooper and was stationed in Montgomery. Several of us troopers sat together and watched it.” – Gerald Taylor

“It was my 16th birthday and I was home glued to the TV watching it. I was totally amazed and it started my interest in all things space related. I have always thought it was a great birthday present.” – Rosemary Brooks

“My mother was pregnant with me and said I was kicking up a storm while she was watching it on TV.” – Tinker Kirby

“I was at work at the telephone company in Dalton, GA. Everyone was talking about all the possibilities if it was really happening. Such an exciting day. I remember it very well.” – Elaine Wooten

“I was 11 and I remember watching it on an old black and white TV with my sister. We were totally glued to the TV. Precious memory of my sister and I. She passed away five years ago.” – Sherrif Keef

“We were having band camp that week at Plainview. We all got to go inside from practicing on the football field and watch it on a black and white TV.” – Cynthia Turner

“I was watching on a black and white television in Scottsboro, Alabama.” – Angela Davis

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