Each year We’ve Got Your Back, a non-profit organization created by Peter Strogov M.D. and Danielle Blalock CRNP, of Fort Payne Pediatrics, with the support of local residents and businesses, provides $200 for each child in DeKalb County foster care to purchase school clothes and supplies. Last year with the added support from businesses in Jackson and St. Clair County, along with the continued support from DeKalb County, support was able to be extended to all 3 counties; providing for more foster children than ever before.

Their new project is now underway, a community garden. Construction has begun at the corner of Airport Road and Old Waterworks Road in Fort Payne, Alabama. This garden is intended to address the increasing food insecurity in DeKalb County that we anticipate given the coronavirus pandemic, and continue giving thereafter. Our goal is to grow about 30,000 lbs of produce for the community, which can be delivered or picked up by those who are in need.

During this time, many people are looking for ways to unite and help others. Any donations will not just help kick start this project, it will also contribute for maintaining the garden, which in return, will continue to provide to the community for the future. A receipt will be provided for all donations of monetary value for tax purposes.

If you would like to contribute donate, or would like more information on how you can be involved, contact Jennifer McElhaney @ 256.997.5900 or jmcelhaney@fortpaynepeds.com

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