Leading by example

Delayna and Marc Fobbus are pictured Tuesday evening picking up litter on Beason Gap in Fort Payne.

Residents Marc and Delayna Fobbus were recently spotted by passersby cleaning up litter along Beason Gap in Fort Payne.

Marc said they began their venture on New Year's day, following up on Sunday and most recently Tuesday.

At the time of their interview, the cleaning pair had filled the bed of their truck with trash.

"The truck is full and the trailer is getting full. We have probably 60 something bags of trash in our truck," said Marc. "We aren't even done yet."

The cleaning duo has not limited their sights to just Beason Gap.

"We pick up in other places too, but we've been wanting to get to this area for a little while," Marc said. "There's a lot of trash," added Delayna.

The Fobbuses said litter is a big problem in DeKalb and something tourists traveling to the various leisure destinations such as Little River Canyon have to navigate through.

According to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, when citizens are surveyed about pollution problems, litter and trash are usually considered the number one problem. Whether it is garbage, construction debris deliberately dropped on the roadside, or paper and debris left in a parking lot, it all travels to our rivers and lakes when it rains.

The pair said they've had to go back through and pick up a few items that people threw out while they made their way down the gap just that afternoon.

Marc said there are various areas in Fort Payne that need attention and hopes through their initiative others will follow.

"I just wish more people would get involved. We enjoy it and it's also good exercise," said the pair. "When you get done it makes you feel good too."

Marc and Delayna are residents of Lookout Mountain and encourage others in the community to fight the litter problem.

When leading by example, let your friends and family know what you're doing and help them get involved. Use #mydekalb with your photos of community clean-up for a chance to be featured in The Times-Journal.

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