The Fort Payne Middle School Robotics Teams took on the FIRST LEGO League competition and the Razorback Invitational which was held at the University of Arkansas.

The FIRST LEGO League is the most accessible, guided, global robotics competition dedicated to helping students and teachers build a better future together.

Fort Payne city school teacher Jamie McClung said the project challenge this year was to identify and create an innovative solution for the space program on a long duration space flight.

The following three teams from Fort Payne Middle School qualified to continue on pass regional, the Short Circuits team, the High Voltage team and the Gigawatts team.

McClung said, the three teams pass on from regional competitions of nearly 200 teams to the state FIRST LEGO League competition against 36 teams.

The Short Circuits team won the Inspiration Award with their development of a process called Affinity.

McClung said the Affinity process analyzes personality types from the Myers Briggs test and compares them with brain wave activity to determine compatible teammates before hiring the staff.

The second team to make it beyond regionals was the High Voltage team, they finished 4th place overall and also won the Research Award.

McClung said this team consisted of all rookies from the 5th grade, and in their first year, they developed an app that provided instant mental health coping skills to astronauts on the way to Mars.

“The app tailors music and other interactive activities to help improve the mood of astronauts in stressful situations,” McClung said.

The final team from Fort Payne was the Gigawatts team who achieved 2nd place overall in the state and also won the Global Innovation Award.

McClung said the Gigawatts won the Global Innovation Award for Alabama for the second year in a row now with the creation of an Astrofit suit.

“This is clothing that combines resistance bands and compression to provide astronauts a convenient way to exercise in the tight spaces of the shuttle,” McClung said.

McClung said the team also received an invitation to the Razorback Invitational held at the University of Arkansas in May.

Also, the High Voltage team who placed 4th was able to fill an alternate spot and attend the Razorback Invitational as well.

“Fort Payne represented the state of Alabama with two strong teams and were often featured on the Razorback social media leading the party,” said McClung.

McClung said the students interacted and worked with teams from Japan, South Korea, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and Israel.

Both of the Fort Payne Middle School teams received recognition at Razorback Invitational.

“The High Voltage team won the Presentation Finalist Award, and Gigawatts won the Research Finalist award,” said McClung.

High Voltage and Gigawatts teams will both be showcasing their work at Third Saturday Sunset Cruise-In on July 20th and August 17th.

“They welcome all to come by and love to share the work they are doing,” said McClung.

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