The Rainsville Fire Department responded to an active house fire on Tuesday night.

A homeowner on Adams Avenue called the fire department after arriving home to find the house filled with smoke.

Captain Jason Harper said he responded to the call at approximately 8 p.m. that night.

“When we got over there, the resident said she’d come home, the house was full of smoke, so she got her dogs out, and called us,” Harper said. “The house was completely full of smoke.

Me and one other guy packed up, went in and found a bedroom door to be extremely hot.”

The fire had stayed contained to a closed bedroom, where an unused in-wall heater had ignited a wooden dresser, Harper said.

The resident said they did not believe the heaters were functional and not been turned on in over 20 years.

Harper said if the door had been open and more oxygen had reached the fire, it would have spread.

“It’s always good to keep any unused rooms doors closed because if this door had been open and with the resident not there, this fire would have spread a whole lot quicker,” he said.

Although the department only receives one to two calls pertaining to heater-caused fires a year, Harper said it is important to be mindful of where and how you use an electric heater. Always plug them into the wall outlets, not an outlet strip, and keep items at least three to four feet away from the device.

Harper also suggests sleeping with the bedroom door closed at night.

“One of the big pushes on fire safety this year, at a national level, is keeping your door shut when you go to bed,” he said. “It’s not exactly the same scenario, but it does reflect on that, that if the fire starts outside of the bedroom, that livable space in the bedroom maintains for a whole lot longer. It keeps the smoke and the heat out.”

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