Sheriff’s Office hosts demonstration of proposed countywide dispatch software

Left, Emergency Manager and Communications Director Matt Martin addresses the crowd during Thursday morning’s Spillman Flex Dispatch Software presentation. 

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office held a training demonstration Thursday morning introducing the Spillman Flex Dispatch Software from Motorola, set to improve connectivity within local emergency personnel.

Representatives from various agencies, board members, community leaders and elected officials gathered at the DeKalb County Commission Chambers for a work session and demonstration.

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said the integrated dispatch software has been a working-in-progress for some time to unite emergency personnel agencies across the county and work together.

“For once in the history of our law enforcement, its communication we can all share and have at the same time,” he said. “We try to prepare every way we can as first responders. We are all here for one reason, we got to be in the same team working together.”

Emergency Manager and Communications Director Matt Martin with the sheriff’s office said a year ago he was tasked with the job of finding a legacy system to try and eliminate the use of multiple systems which all have to be replaced every few years.

“Historically, those systems at the sheriff’s office have never talked to each other,” he said. “Interaction between those systems obviously has to happen but it’s all done by paper and manually.”

Martin said, in the past, different call centers operated with various software and as a result, agencies spend money redundantly every four to five years on systems.

“We are all spending money for the same thing, but we still can’t see anything besides our own stuff,” he said. “I ask that you look at this with an open mind.”

While grant funding is available, Martin said it would be a great opportunity to upgrade and implement a countywide system of communication for first responders.

Motorola Solutions Alabama Software Sales Representative Aaron Bravo and retired police officer and Motorola Solutions demo presenter Kurt Bean took the opportunity to dive into the various components, capabilities and advancement opportunities available through the Spillman Flex Dispatch Software from Motorola.

The proposed software connects responders with complete life-saving information in an integrated and off-the-shelf solution built for single or multiple jurisdictional dispatches.

Bean said the system offers easily shared call information, additional discipline add-ons, mapping system, up-to-date information and is available via multiple device platforms without capacity limitations.

Throughout his presentation the following key points served as focus areas:

• integrate system data

• customizable display options

• quick CAD commands

• visual alerts on the CAD status screen

• real-time status alerts and timers

• one system login

• on-the-spot data sharing capabilities

• mobile and GIS integration

• customizable maps

• user-friendly mapping toolbar

• increase call taker focus

• increase efficiency

• save time, gain peace of mind

• increase call taker focus for faster response

“When a call comes into an emergency dispatch center, access to comprehensive and accurate data can be the deciding factor between life and death,” said Bean. “Flex’s integrated system provides dispatchers with easy access to all critical data from just one screen.”

Martin said if the system is implemented it would be the first time local emergency agencies will have situational awareness and a picture of every response that’s going on in the county at any given moment.

“Response in the 21st century requires teamwork, robust technology, common goals that are achievable and forward-thinking in order to rise above the status quo,” said Welden in a statement. “We have a unique opportunity to work together to bring in a countywide legacy system that will benefit every firefighter, police officer, deputy and emergency medical personnel in the field as well as every call center, agency and resident of DeKalb County.

The Spillman Flex Dispatch Software from Motorola will be up for approval as agencies throughout the county decide whether to move forward or not.

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