Todd Greeson

Republican candidate Todd Greeson kicked off his campaign for DeKalb County Circuit Clerk on March 8 at the Coal & Iron Building in Fort Payne.

The event showcased Greeson’s experience and qualifications for Circuit Clerk and was well attended by members of the community.

“We want our circuit court system to be effective and efficient, and we want to find ways to do more with the resources we have to best serve the people of DeKalb,” said Greeson.

Greeson outlined a plan to work together with the judiciary, law enforcement and circuit clerk staff to build relationships that were positive, productive and professional.

“I believe that we have an opportunity to provide a high level of service, reduce red tape and speed up our courts,” Greeson said. “We all want our circuit clerk’s office to be responsive to the needs of our community and we want to trust that it will be in good hands.”

Greeson touted his extensive experience as a major advantage. He has a strong history of service to the community as a 16-year State Representative, workforce development associate at NACC and assistant director at the Alabama EMA.

During his time in the House, Greeson had a proven track record of success, passing a signature bill to criminalize Domestic Violence, serving on the House Judiciary Committee and sponsoring legislation that made Alabama a safer place to live.

“The circuit clerk’s responsibilities are considerable and require a serious candidate with the credentials to handle the scope of the job. These experiences have prepared me to be a capable Circuit Clerk,” said Greeson.

Greeson is a lifelong resident of DeKalb County and is the son of Bill and Virginia Greeson, of Ider.

He is a graduate of Ider High School and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in political science and a BBA in management from Athens State University, and a MA in public administration from Troy University.

He has been an active member of the Alabama Republican Party and was the first Republican State Representative elected in District 24.

Greeson is married to his wife, Dana, of 19 years and they have two sons, Garrett and Daniel.

The family are members of the Mountain View Baptist Church.

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