Time to apply for Farmers Market vouchers

The Farmers Market Nutrition Programs have begun taking applications for the new season.

“These vouchers are for low-income Alabama residents ages 60 and up that meet the income guidelines,” said Emily McCamy, director of DeKalb County Transportation and Council on Aging. “Each person 60 and older in the household that qualifies can register for a voucher booklet.”

According to the Alabama Farmers Market Authority, the Farmers Market Nutrition Programs provides a direct tie between production agriculture and nutrition by providing seniors the opportunity to buy fresh local produce directly from farmers.

“No one is entitled to these Farmers Market Vouchers. They are first-come, first-serve to whoever registers on the website,” said McCamy. “You can call us at 256-845-8590 to register for you or you can register yourself online at https://bit.ly/2YLo3re.”

Alabama residents ages 60 and older, to see if you qualify, view the income levels listed below:

• $1,756.00 monthly for a household of 1

• $2,371.00 monthly for a household of 2

• $2,987.00 monthly for a household of 3

• $3,604.00 monthly for a household of 4

• $4,219.00 monthly for a household of 5

“Voucher booklets include $6 coupons to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from farmers who display the ‘Farmers Market Nutrition Program’ sign,” McCamy said. “Those that obtain them will receive them in the mail before June 1.”

Vouchers may be used between April 15 through November 15 of 2021.

All markets are self-governing, and it’s important to note the markets’ days and hours of operation by inquiring locally for exact opening and closing dates.

Vouchers expire every year and must be used in the year issued. As stated by the FMNP, coupons can not be used to buy non-produce items, ornamental pumpkins or gourds.

Participants may visit www.fma.alabama.gov for a full list of redemption sites in their area.

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