The Henagar Farmers Market will launch its third year with the 2020 season commencing on June 1st through August 31st.

The City of Henagar Assistant Clerk Alice Wooten said the Farmers Market would be held at the Henagar City Park Mondays from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Wooten said for the market it’s free to be a vendor, you just have to follow the rules and guidelines set by the Farmers Market Authority.

The market is set to provide the community with a place for local farmers, gardeners and vendors to sell fresh produce, including agricultural products, homemade food items and live plants to the public.

Regarding last year’s turnout, Wooten said she thought they did well. “All the vendors were really happy at the end of the day and they are coming back, so that’s a good sign.”

She said this year so far, they have four new vendors taking part.

“I have a meat vendor coming this year and that is super exciting,” said Wooten.

She said items that can be sold at the farmers market include garden or homegrown vegetables, raw meats packaged at a certified facility, plants, cut flowers, boiled peanuts, honey and eggs.

“I have at least two new produce vendors coming and two more that come every year with a wide variety of produce,” said Wooten.

She said there were items available you may not usually see at the farmers market.

“One lady last year had every kind of pepper you could think of available. There was acorn squash and spaghetti squash too,” Wooten said.

There are still openings available for vendors who wish to participate. Wooten said she hadn’t found anybody to sell eggs yet. Anyone interested can contact the city hall and ask for Alice Wooten.

Following suit with the other farmers markets in the state, the Henagar Farmers Market will adhere to the Alabama state COVID-19 guideline and the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

Wooten said they had received specific rules regarding the COVID-19 that include no samples, a six feet distance and farmers, vendors and market staff are required to wear gloves.

According to, the mission at Henagar Farmers Market is to support and promote local, sustainable farming by providing the community with a place to buy and sell fresh locally grown produce.

Wooten encourages the public to come out and support local farmers.

“Welcome back and thank you for your continued support,” she said.

The Henagar Farmers Market is located at the City Park, 98 Barron Drive, in Henagar. Vendor applications, rules and guidelines are available on their website at

For additional information, contact Henagar City Hall at 256-657-6282 and for updates follow them on Facebook at @henagarfarmersmarket.

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