Ider Garden Club met Nov 16 at Doris Jean’s Restaurant in Ider. Brent Wheeler, president called the meeting to order.

For old business the following awards were given to our junior gardeners, Helping Hands: from the National Garden Club, Inc., they were awarded the “Standard Flower Show Achievement Award” for “Toys from the Attic” youth section and National overall winner for “Environmental Education.” Both dated May 18.

We are so very proud of Helping Hands for all their hard work at the fair and in their community growing a garden to help feed the disabled and seniors. Other awards were: Ider GC third place, State Award 2016, Civic Development; Ider GC second place, State Award 2016, Garden Therapy with adults in confinement; Ider GC first place, State Award 2016, working with junior gardeners; Ider GC second place, State Award 2016, Environmental Education working with youth; Ider GC Honorable Mention, State Award 2016, Publicity Press Book, Helping Hands first place, State Award 2016, work in bird study; and Helping Hands second place, State Award 2016, best report in flower show participation.

Onto new business, Brent reminded everyone of “Every Light A Prayer” scheduled for Friday, Dec. 1, at Montevallo’s American Village.

Our members volunteered to bring muffins, candy, nuts and fudge. Members in attendance were Brent Wheeler, Sarah Kilgore, Jo Bailey, Linda McCurdy, Janet Griffin, Betty Koepsel and Lynn Kilgore

Dec. 1 was “Every Light A Prayer.” It was hosted by District II, Brent Wheeler, director. Brent and Linda McCurdy attended the event representing Ider Garden Club and District II.

Our ladies advised the decorations, tree, the table and food were beautifully done. Thanks to Donna Wells and Debra Guy for the work they did as Committee Chairs.

Approximately 100 garden club members from around the state attended.

Brent also advises the event will be held at Montevallo’s American Village in the future.

On Dec 14, Ider Garden Club members were guests in the home of Bill and Brent Wheeler. They had decorated their home beautifully for Christmas, down to the plates we ate off of. Each member brought food and a present for exchange.

Following our meal, members picked a number for gifts and exchanged them.

Members present were Bill and Brent Wheeler, Sarah Kilgore, Linda McCurdy, and Lynn Kilgore.

Members unable to attend were missed, and we wish them and their families good health in the New Year.

Ider Garden wishes our readers and community a merry Christmas and Happy Gardening in the New Year.

We also hope to see more of you at our meetings next year.

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