Jim Farmer with Americas Best Care Plus Inc., (ABC Plus). believes his partners are rare, and he is lucky to have them on his team.

Most people would say “employees,” but Jim takes a team and partnership approach including his partners in decision making processes. True, he is the leader, but what’s a leader without a team?

Having grown up in a small town in south Alabama, Jim thought he would become a physician and do so on a football scholarship. However, due to football injuries he took a different route, he joined the United States Air Force. Jim felt it was his duty to join the military, several members of his family had joined and it seemed like a noble thing for a young able man to do. His pull toward medicine was still there and thankfully he had opportunities in the military to pursue his interest in medicine. He primarily oversaw one of the largest pharmaceutical facilities in the military. Jim was in the military for 14 years serving in Desert Storm and wearing many hats during his tenure. He attended college while in the military and received his B.A. in marketing and masters in business administration from Columbia Southern University. Jim worked primarily in upper management in health care marketing and operations after graduating college.

In 2013, Jim and his wife, Marsha, and three young children moved to Fort Payne. Jim was recruited to be the president of ABC Plus and hasn’t looked back. ABC Plus specializes in delivering Medicare Part B products to patients’ doorsteps across the United States. After meeting with Jim, I can tell you there is so much more to ABC Plus. They partner with community pharmacies, physician offices and durable medical equipment facilities to help meet the needs of patients and their providers. ABC Plus has started an allergy program that is changing lives, and they also compound medication. They work with hospitals to help reduce readmission rates by providing follow up services to certain patients who are discharged. They are continuously working on new programs. ABC Plus has a staff of 40 and they each play a critical role in the success of ABC Plus.

Jim Farmer is on the Board of Directors for the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce. Thank you, Jim, for all your hard work and for inspiring others. For more information about ABC Plus visit www.americasbestcareplus.com.

— Jennifer McCurdy is director of the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce. Her column appears in the Times-Journal on Wednesdays. You can email her through the chamber’s website at fortpaynechamber.com.

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