Superintendent’s annual evaluation returned

Pictured are DeKalb County Board members and superintendent Jason Barnett.

During Tuesday’s DeKalb County Board of Education meeting, the board spoke of their evaluation of DeKalb County Superintendent Jason Barnett.

Board Chairman Randy Peppers said the evaluation of the superintendent is something they do each year.

“We are a little bit behind, but we have compiled this together, and the board has had a chance to look over it,” Peppers said

During the board meeting, Peppers shared the results from this year’s evaluation.

“DeKalb County Board of Education recently conducted an evaluation of Dr. Jason Barnett using the same criteria and evaluation material used in the past,” he said.

Peppers said all board members participated in the evaluation.

The following are some of the areas evaluated by the board members:

• Relationship with the board

• Community relationships

• Staff/ Personnel relationships

• Education leadership

• Business and Finance

• Personal qualities

According to Peppers, the evaluation scoring ranged from poor to needing improvement to satisfactory to above average to excellent.

“Dr. Barnett scored very high, the overall score was 4.70 out of 5.0 which was excellent,” he said.

Peppers said Barnett was “well above average to excellent” in every category of the evaluation.

“The areas of leadership and his personal qualities are shown to be his strength,” said Peppers.

Members of the board shared comments regarding the superintendent and his work in the school board.

“I just want to personally say I appreciate the work you do, you do a lot of work within the community and the school systems,” Peppers said.

Board members Carol Hiett and Mark Richards highlighted Barnett’s communication skills with the board.

“He is good about getting out in the communities, he goes to a lot of functions in the schools,” added Richards.

Board member Monty Darwin spoke highly of Barnett’s work ethic, describing it as “out of this world.”

Vice-chairman Robert Elliot said Barnett has been good to him and approachable.

All board members touched on the “great job” Barnett has done for DeKalb County Schools.

“With that being said, there is no way he can please everyone, we are used to that, and you [Barnett] do the best you can, and I appreciate that,” Richards said.

According to Richards, last year Barnett received a 2 percent pay increase and the teachers and support workers all received a 4 percent increased.

Richards proposed a motion to give Barnett a 2 percent raise effective Sept. 1.

The board voted, and the vote was unanimous in favor of giving Barnett a 2 percent increase in salary this year.

The board also heard from guest speaker Thomas Whitten, director of DeKalb Youth Service Center.

Whitten updated the board on the programs and services provided to the students in the area.

He also expressed his thanks to the DeKalb County Board of Education as well as Fort Payne Board of Education for their continued support.

“It’s a full partnership with both school systems,” Whitten said.

He said they “ truly appreciate the support and they couldn’t do it without it.”

The board approved the agenda and minutes of July 30.

The board also:

• accepted the retirement of Kathleen Brown, bus driver at Crossville Schools (10/1/19).

• accepted the resignation of Regina Jones, itinerant instructional coach at Crossville Elementary School (8/1/19) and Camille Bailey, CNP worker at Geraldine High School

• approved the on-the-job-injury of Lea Long, elementary teacher at Moon Lake Elementary School (0 days) and Mary Lance, principal at Moon Lake Elementary School (0 days).

• approved the leave of absence of Haley Harbour, elementary teacher at Crossville Elementary School (8/19/19 – 10/11/19), Anna Hairston, assistant principal at Collinsville High School (intermittent 7/1/19-6/30/19), Tracy Gilliland, secondary English teacher at Crossville High School (8/1/19-5/27/20), Kimmy Hanners, CNP worker at Geraldine High School (8/2/19-11/4/19), Ashley Swain Phillips, itinerant special education paraprofessional at Fyffe Special Services Center (9/23/19-11/1/19), Terry White, bus mechanic at the county bus garage (6/27/19-9/30/19), Linda Thacker, CNP worker at Crossville Elementary (7/18/19-9/12/19) and Susan Lowden, pre-K auxiliary at Geraldine High School (8/21/19-9/20/19).

• approved the transfers of Holly Dupree from CNP worker at Henagar Jr. High School to CNP assistant manager at Henagar Jr. High School (2019-163), Ariel Johnson from secondary mathematics teacher at Crossville High School to library media specialist at Crossville High School (2019-156), Donna Lingerfelt from bus aide at Fyffe SSC to bus driver at Fyffe SSC (2019-159), Joey Haymon from agribusiness teacher at Sylvania to assistant career tech director system (2019-150), Juanee Gilliland from job coach system to itinerant special education bus aide Fyffe SSC (2019-165), Andi Burns from counselor at Crossville Middle School to elementary counselor at Geraldine (2019-166), Lydia Peek from EL teacher at Crossville Elementary to ARI reading specialist-itinerant at Crossville Elementary (2019-158), Allison Foster from elementary teacher at Collinsville High School to EL teacher at Crossville Middle School (2019-167) and Tyler Parker from computer technician to network manager for the technology department (2019-148)(effective 9/1/19).

• approved the certified placements of Piyush Bhatt, secondary mathematics teacher at Crossville High School (2019-171).

• approved the support placements of Constance Bowman, CNP worker at Geraldine High School (2019-168), Marcella Brown, itinerant special education aide at Ider High School (2019-133)(retroactive to 8/13/19), Patricia Willis, itinerant special education aide at Plainview High School (2019-165) (retroactive to 8/7/19), Valerie Walston, itinerant special education bus aide at Fyffe SSC (2019-165), Amy Lincoln, pre-K auxiliary teacher at Valley Head High School(2019-161), Ashley Blanks, pre-K auxiliary teacher at Plainview High School (2019-160)(retroactive to 8/2/19), Angie Gattis, technology receptionist at the technology department (2019-170) (effective 9/1/19), Nick Fleisher, assistant custodian (4 hr) at Geraldine High School (2019-162) (effective 8/1/19), Joanna Howell, instructional aide at Ruhama Jr. High School (2019-175) and Danny Lindsey, bus mechanic, transportation (2019-174).

• motion fail: Blake Wigley, bus driver at Crossville Schools (2019-157).

• approved the following volunteer coaches:

Collinsville High School – Teddy Helms and Mike McElrath – football

Crossville High School – Jonathan Ty Cole, Johnny Chacon, David Hinton – football and Robby Mays – football and Baseball

Fyffe High School – Destiny Ridgeway – girls basketball, Ethan Jones and Rodney Coots – football, Erik Magnusson – track, Steve Cowart and Jamie Hatch – softball

Geraldine High School – Brian Waldrop – football

Henagar Jr. High School – Joseph Goza – basketball

Ider High School – Robert Elliott – softball, Meliah Blevins – cheer, Shawn Traylor – basketball and softball

Sylvania High School – Bartley Roulston, Ryan Haney, Lucas Smith – football, Sierra Murdock – volley ball, Derek Talley – baseball, Gary Talley – basketball, Brittany Brown – tennis, Scott Smith – football and baseball, Winston Wilks – baseball, Chad Murdock – softball

Valley Head High School – Alex Carpenter and Drew Hartline – football

• approved the following contracts: Amber Traylor – homebound – local, Sherry Roberson – homebound – IDEA B, Amanda Woodall – Homebound – IDEA B, Lakala Willingham – homebound – local, Whitney Whiteside – homebound – local, Kennedy Brown – occupational therapist assistant – IDEA B, Madge Gower – SLP consultant – IDEA B, Co Play Therapy – occupational therapist assistant – IDEA B, Monty Coker – gifted student bus route – local, Terry Scott- gifted students bus route – local, Huntsville Hospital Auditory – verbal therapist – IDEA B, Billy Keith – contracted science teacher – Ruhama Jr. High – Title I, Kimberly Ford – pre-K aide – migrant, Holly Berrong – healthcare facilitator – Title I, Zeb Ferguson – summer grounds worker – Plainview – local, local, Jacob Henderson – in-service prep crew – local and Cole Millican – in-service pre crew – local.

• approved Superintendent’s recommendations, comments and reports: salary and supplement proposal, substitutes, employee attendance, band directors, coaching supplements, w10 month instructional supervisors-transition (moved to 12 months) and principals salary effective (9/1/19).

• approved job description – certified occupational therapy assistant (to be voted on).

• approved to postpone job description of McKinney Vento Homeless Liaison, parent and family engagement specialist and school social worker.

• also approved superintendent’s recommendations, comments and report: request permission to place pending board approval.

The next meeting will be Sept. 12 at 5 p.m. and budget hearing/work session at 4:30 p.m.

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