This month we have run several things in the paper about cleaning up DeKalb County and voting ‘yes’ to the ad valorem tax to help our schools.

We will continue informing you about these issues because they are so important. The ad valorem tax votes will be on the June 5 ballot. This is not a new tax, it’s just a renewal. You will not be paying any more than you have been for many years.

Our schools depend on this money. To be honest, they don’t know how they would operate without it.

There will be several different renewals to vote for. Two are for the county, but the Fort Payne schools receives a portion from one of those renewals. The other is solely for Fort Payne. You can read more about these in the coming weeks through editorials and follow-up articles.

Our schools need our support now more than ever. Vote yes, and help spread the word to everyone you know to vote yes to this extremely important issue.

On the issue of litter, though, everyone has done a great job so far cleaning up. Our community looks better already, and there are still several clean ups planned for the area.

Once we get it cleaned up, we have to keep it clean. Most importantly, we have to teach our youth to not litter and reduce our footprint on earth.

There’s more than just picking up litter. If everyone just used a reusable cup instead of water bottles, think about how much trash we could keep out of our landfills. Use reusable bowls instead of Ziploc bags.

Properly bag your trash when you put it into your garage can. If you put lose trash in a garage can, it is more likely to blow away and end up on the side of the road.

There are many ways we can reduce our garbage consumption. Please do your part to keep our earth clean.

Tricia Clinton-Dunne is president and publisher of the Times-Journal. Her column appears in the paper’s weekend edition. Email:

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