Bruce’s Foodland in Fort Payne is now selling Subida Coffee, a product that supports the Moses Project.

Subida Coffee was started to support the Moses Project, an agriculture training center in Honduras. Young men from all over Western Honduras apply to the program in hopes of receiving a quality high school education not offered in their area or unattainable due to its cost. Along with helping them completing their formal education, they take part in an agricultural education focused on tilapia, chickens, greenhouse vegetables, beekeeping, coffee, etc. The goal is to equip them with all they need to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

Each of the boys that live at the Moses Project have a unique and compelling story. When David was seven years old, his mother died, and a few years later his father was killed. Because of this, he grew up in a family-style orphanage of which he speaks fondly. After David turned 18, he had to leave the program and began to search for what was next. He found the Moses Project, and it changed the course of his life. About the project David says, “I have learned so much. I did not know what it meant to work the ground or use a machete. I didn’t know how to work with bees, which is what I have done since I have been here at the Project. I’ve also learned the process of coffee.” David spent his time at the Moses Project learning as much as he could about agriculture and during his time on the farm he stood out as a leader. After graduating, David was offered a full-time position, which he accepted.

David and the other boys at the Moses Project have the opportunity to become better prepared to help provide for their families and to change the course of their lives.

By purchasing coffee from Subida, you are making a difference in the lives of countless young Hondurans. Subida has 12oz. bags of ground and whole bean coffee as well as a 12-count k-cup box. Support local businesses, while also making a real difference in people’s lives.

Subida Coffee Company is a wholly owned brand of Mission UpReach, Inc., a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization in Western Honduras committed to educating children, teenagers and adults by training and equipping them to be leaders in their communities. Individuals are being transformed physically, economically and spiritually, and the result is powerful: a stronger family, a thriving community, and a better nation.

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