Livingston to serve on Alabama Space Port Authority

Senator Steve Livingston was recently appointed to the Alabama Space Port Authority.

“It is extremely important to have a senator from North Alabama on this authority,” Livingston said. “North Alabama, and moreover, Huntsville, has been at the forefront of not only our state’s involvement in space exploration, but in our nation’s push to explore the heavens.”

Nearly 70 years ago, Dr. Wernher von Braun arrived with his team of scientists to Huntsville and to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. In the seven decades since, this area has led the way from taking us to low earth orbit, on to the moon, and building a permanent human presence in space with the International Space Station, Livingston said.

According to the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs,, the authority was created to “promote research and development of new space exploration and spaceport technology; to sponsor conference and business roundtables within the aerospace, aviation and related industries; and to promote activities and industries related to exploration.”

Livingston said with the recent announcement of Blue Origin’s, an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company, decision to locate Huntsville, the city of Huntsville and Alabama are at the forefront of space exploration.

“We are poised to lead once again as we return to the moon, put the first boots on Mars and do further deep space exploration with the new Blue Origin Rocket Engine,” Livingston said. “I also believe that our space future will revolve around space ports and more frequent trips to space with vehicles such as the Dream Chaser. This is only possible because of the dynamic force that Huntsville has become in the area of space exploration.”

Livingston said that with this appointment to the Alabama Space Port Authority, he pledges to make Huntsville and Alabama remain a vibrant part of America’s future in space.

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