Collinsville Police Department receives funds to aid in purchase of new laptops for patrol cars

Pictured, above from left, are Collinsville Police Chief Rex Leath, Senator Steve Livingston, Representative Becky Nordgren, Collinsville Mayor Johnny Traffanstedt, Senator Andrew Jones and Collinsville Assistant Police Chief Ada Hamilton during the check presentation in late February for funds that will go toward the purchase of new laptops for Collinsville’s patrol vehicles. 

The Collinsville Police Department recently received a $13,500 check from Dist. 8 Senator Steve Livingston, Dist. 10 Senator Andrew Jones and Representative Becky Nordgren for purchasing new Mobile Digital Terminals.

Collinsville Police Chief Rex Leath said they are replacing all the laptop computers in their patrol cars because they are notably outdated.

Mobile Digital terminal (MDT), also referred to as Police Mobile Computers or Mobile Digital Computers according to, is a computer most often a laptop mounted on a dock inside a patrol vehicle used by officers to communicate directly with remote crime information databases while on the field.

“We’ve upgraded these computers twice, and they were at the point where they had to be replaced,” said Leath.

Thanks to its district senators and legislators’ support, the police department will purchase four new police laptops for Collinsville’s patrol vehicles.

Leath said he is currently in the process of ordering the replacements and is researching what would be the best fit for their department.

“It’s either going to be a Dell or a Panasonic,” he said. “With the way things are in criminal justice today, if you don’t have a computer, you can’t do your job. Handwritten tickets and accident reports are a thing of the past, if you don’t have a computer, you’re behind.”

A check presentation was held in late February with state and local representatives present.

Leath said they are fortunate to have the support of Sen. Livingston, Sen. Jones and Representative Nordgren. He said without their aid, they would have struggled.

“We like to stay up to date with technology and do the best to look out for our officers. Thanks to them, we can make this happen,” he said.

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