County passes $92M budget for 2020

Chief Financial Advisor Anthony Cooper led the most recent budget hearing during Thursday's board of education meeting in Rainsville. 

The DeKalb County Board of Education on Thursday held its final budget meeting and approved a $92M budget for the next fiscal year.

Superintendent Jason Barnett said part of the annual budgeting process requires two public budget hearings and this budget hearing would be the second one.

Chief School Financial Officer Anthony Cooper led the budget review during Thursday's work session.

Cooper said in the last budget hearing they were still in the process of finalizing the budget and all the federal and local revenue was not in yet.

He said at this point, they have received everything, and board members received the budget and had time to look over it and ask questions.

“Dr. Barnett has seen it, now [the budget] is due on Monday, Sept. the 16th,” said Cooper.

According to Cooper, the budget hearings are for transparency, for community and citizen input, questions, and concerns.

Cooper touched on statistics and figures and said the budget should be right around $92 million overall.

He also provided the following percentage breakdown– state revenue 68 percent, federal revenue right at 12 percent, local revenue 19 percent and other [which consists of rebates, access distant learning, etc.] at 1 percent.

Breakdown of expenditures:

• instructional expenditures make up 55 percent

• instructional support services 13 percent

• operations and maintenance 8 percent

• auxiliary services which include transportation and the child nutrition program 15 percent • general administrative services 4 percent

• capital outlet 2 percent

• debt services 2 percent and other 2 percent.

“The “other” in this case includes extended day programs, pre-school and transfers out,” said Cooper.

At the end of the upcoming fiscal year, the state requires the board to have a one month’s operating budget for September 30, 2019.

Barnette said he feels “really good” about where the county BOE is in regards to the months' reserve.

Cooper said overall the budget for next year “looks good” and they should break even.

The board also heard from guest speaker Gwen Griggs, an Alabama state examiner.

Griggs provided the board and audience with an overall review of DeKalb County audit from October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018.

Board members also voted on AASB District Director Election with a unanimous vote in favor of Maire Manning of St. Clair County, a native of DeKalb County.

The board also:

• accepted the resignation of Marcella Brown, itinerant special education aide at Ider Special Services Center (effective 9/6/19), Linda Thacker, CNP worker at Crossville Elementary School (effective 9/9/19), Heather Bethune, itinerant special education teacher at Ider Special Services, Jayce Ervin, computer/software technician at facilities building (effective 9/26/19) and Tommy Williams, bus driver at Plainview High School (effective 8/28/19)

• approved the leave of absence of Montye Thompson, speech pathologist at Ider High School (9/9/19-10/21/19), Thomas Henderson, custodian at Ruhama Jr. High School (7/23/19-11/26/19), Judith Releford, CNP worker at Sylvania High School (8/1/19-9/30/19 extension from 8/30/19), JerryLee Prestwood, secondary science teacher at Sylvania High School (10/7/19-12/19/19) and Jessica Corsentino, pre-K lead teacher at Collinsville High School (10/17/19-12/19/19)

• approved the transfers of Tracy Tidmore from teacher at Collinsville High School to Middle School Counselor at Crossville Middle School (2019-182) and Joanna Howell from instructional aide at Ruhama Jr. High School to itinerant EL teacher (effective October 1, 2019) at Crossville Middle School (2019-184)

• approved the certified placements of Will Dodd, agri-science teacher at Sylvania High School, James K. Washington, itinerant EL teacher at Crossville High School (2019-185)(effective October 17, 2019), Marlene Bryant, elementary teacher at Collinsville High School (2019-186), Marc Walsh, elementary teacher at Valley Head High School (9/1/19-5/27/19)(2019-189), Christina Watkins, elementary teacher (9/1/19-5/27/19) at Ider High School (2019-188) and Kennedy Brown, itinerant certified occupational therapy assistant at System (2019-189)

• approved the support placements of Michael Edmonson, bus driver at Crossville School (2019-157), Blake Wigley, bus driver at Crossville School (2019-169), Stephanie Lacey, bus driver tech route (leave from 8/2/19-1/1/20) at Crossville High School (2019-173), Andrew Meador, computer hardware/software technician at Facilities Building (2019-177), Jackie Davis, CNP worker at Henagar Jr. High School (2019-178), Delaine Wiggonton, itinerant vocational rehabilitation job coach (10 month) at Annex (2019-181) and Kristie Dobbins, itinerant special education aide/paraprofessional at Ider Special Services Center (2019-190)

• approved the following volunteer coaches: Collinsville High School – Rodney Hamilton and Bear Jones – basketball, James Coker – softball, Crossville High School – Danny Smith – football, Fyffe High School – Avery Samples – volleyball and Buddy Goolesby – boys basketball, Plainview High School – Eric Sanders – girls basketball, Brandon Freeman – softball, Monty Price – softball, Elijah White – football, John Prose – football, Phillip Jackson – football, Josh York – football, Jason Traylor – softball, Saul Jose – football, Don Black – baseball, Chris Davis – football and Mike Smith – basketball, Sylvania High School – LaBron Hill – golf, Valley Head High School – Craig Hulgan – football, basketball and softball and Jimmy Phillips – basketball

• approved the following contracts: Kim Keena, homebound IDEA B and Courtney Kirby, occupational therapist assistant IDEA B

• also approved superintendent’s recommendations, comments and report: Job Description – McKinney Vento Homeless Liaison, Job Description – Parent and Family Engagement Specialist, Job Description – School Social Worker, 2019-2020 Federal Advisory Committee, 2019-2020 Family Engagement, 2019-2020 DeKalb County Schools Budget Approval and request permission to place pending board approval

The next meeting will be held on Oct. 17 with the regular meeting at 5 p.m. and work session at 4:30 p.m.

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