Two weeks after the Easter Sunday storms and severe weather that resulted in substantial parts of DeKalb County flooding, including Valley Head, communities have worked to repair, clean and assess damages.

The Valley Head community saw extensive flood damage that included the downtown area under several feet of water. Among the infrastructures and buildings that sustained damage was the bridge in front of the town hall.

Valley Head Mayor Lamar Bray said when the town lost the surface of the bridge, he contacted Polymer Industries, who regularly uses the bridge for unloading material off of railcars, and asked them for help.

According to, Polymer Industries of Henagar is one of the leaders in the manufacture of polyolefin products that ship all over the US and throughout the world. With a Mechanical Division in Pisgah, they have added a wide range of Engineered Plastics and High-Performance Materials in a variety of shapes and sizes to their manufacturing portfolio.

“I asked them if there was any way they might help us a little bit on [the bridge] and they paid for half the repair cost,” said Bray.

He said the cost for the repairs was $4,900. With Valley Head having limited resources, Bray said Polymer Industries was very “gracious” to pay for half of the repairs.

Other places in Valley Head that reported damages included Town Hall, Valley Head Antiques, Rib Shak BBQ, Valley Tooling, Law Offices of Thomas J. Skinner, IV, LLC and the Valley Head Volunteer Fire Department.

Bray said the city park sustained a large amount of damage caused by the flooding and it will be their most significant expense.

“Total damages to the park are about $150,000. After the water ran through town, that’s where it ended up going through the park and it got into the pavilion,” he said.

The tennis courts and several feet of walking trails in the park were destroyed. Bray said replacing the walking trails is going to be “very costly.”

“We got a lot of streets damaged and just bare minimum fixing of what has to be done is going to run about $50,000,” said Bray,

With the help from Polymer Industries, however, the bridge at Town Hall has been resurfaced and is back to normal operations.

“We are on the road to recovery and in the process of trying to get some federal money. With some help and [federal money] is the only way we can build back,” Bray said.

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