The SAM Foundation still taking preorders for Alabama’s only suicide prevention car tag

The SAM Foundation license plate is still available for preorder and is said to be Alabama’s first suicide prevention license plate.

License plates can be preordered at, or by visiting, with a $50 pre-commitment fee.

To start the license plates’ manufacturing process, organizers said the foundation needs to reach a goal of 1,000 commitments before they can begin production and distribution.

The initiative is set to help The SAM Foundation provide free Suicide Prevention Training to individuals throughout the state of Alabama and help raise awareness.

According to, due to COVID-19, they’re already seen a greater need and urgency for all mental health needs in the state of Alabama and beyond.

Over 20,000 families are affected by suicide annually in Alabama. A large portion of suicide prevention is currently funded by the Garrett Lee Smith State grant, which expires in September of 2021.

According to the GLS State/Tribal Youth Suicide grant, the purpose is to support states and tribes with implementing youth suicide prevention and early intervention strategies in schools, educational institutions, juvenile justice systems, substance use programs, mental health programs, foster care systems and other child and youth-serving organizations.

Due to the grant’s expiration next year, if The SAM Foundation is successful in selling 1,000 tags by Oct. 31, 2020, they will be able to replace many resources lost by the GLS grant.

To reach its goal of 1,000 pre-commitments, The SAM Foundation is currently providing sponsorship offers for individuals who want to purchase a tag but cannot at this time.

Alabama residents have the two following options:

Visit to reserve and purchase your tag today, or The SAM Foundation will pay your initial first year $50 fee to get the tag initiative approved.

For information to receive your tag at no cost, message with your name, address, phone number, VIN/make/model/year of our vehicle, or current tag number.

Consider purchasing a tag to help The SAM Foundation continue to save lives by providing free suicide awareness and prevention training across Alabama, support for Alabama families impacted by suicide, and support leadership in establishing the Suicide Prevention Network of Alabama (SPNA).

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