Collinsville Historical Association names Volunteer of the Year

Pictured is Riley Smith, the 2019-20 Collinsville Historical Association Volunteer of the Year. 

Collinsville Historical Association (CHA) named 2019-20 Volunteer of the Year at their Annual meeting on September 15, 2020.

“Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our association and, this year, Riley Smith has gone over and beyond by providing invaluable assistance to the Collinsville Historical Association. We are grateful for all he had done and continues to do,” stated Monica Dennis, President of CHA, as he presented Volunteer of the Year to Mr. Smith. He has served CHA by donating his time and skills in many ways and always says “yes” when asked to help.

CHA was gifted the Van Buren Masonic building, next door to the Museum of Collinsville History and Mr. Smith took responsibility for cleaning and clearing the building so it can be used as an extension of the museum. Mr. Smith was there most days for months helping to ready that building that will someday house the sports displays of the Museum of Collinsville History.

Mr. Smith has taken the responsibility of helping solve chronic roofing problems for all CHA’s buildings: the museum building, The Cricket Theatre and the former Van Buren Masonic building. “Mr. Smith has climbed on and inspected all the roofs and had taken the lead on working with roofing contractors,” said Ms. Dennis.

In addition, Mr. Smith has cut and baled hay then donated proceeds, totaling over $6,000 to the Collinsville Historical Association.

“We are supremely grateful for all Mr. Smith does for the CHA and we are a better organization because of him,” Ms. Dennis concluded.

You're welcome to visit the Museum of Collinsville History Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week. The museum is also available for private tours.

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