Fort Payne to see state-of-the-art joist and deck plant

DeKalb County Economic Development Authority Director Jimmy Durham said at a recent Fort Payne city council meeting that Valley Joist + Deck announced the company was remaining in Fort Payne and expanding to create 50 new jobs within the next five years.

According to a press release from the partner of 25 years in Fort Payne, Valley Joist + Deck is going to build a new, state-of-the-art plant.

Valley Joist + Deck’s Vice President of Operations Thad Chapman said Valley Joist is invested in the city of Fort Payne.

“We are committed to growing our joist and deck operation in Fort Payne,” he said. “Building the news plant is an important step on our growth strategy. Through our partnership with all levels of city, county and state government, utility providers and economic development authorities combined with the long-standing history Valley Joist + Deck has with Fort Payne, building a new plant within Fort Payne was the most viable decision.”

Chapman said the company has prospered over the years through the efforts of the Valley Joist team.

“We are very thankful to the Valley Joist team, many have been with our company since the beginning, more than 40 yeas, ago,” He said. “This growth would not be possible without them.”

Durham said at the council meeting that when the development authority found out Valley Joist was looking to move, the DCEDA went to great measures to keep the company in Fort Payne.

Black Diamond Capital Management acquired Valley Joist last year with plans of working with the company to grow their presence in the joist and deck industry. Chapman said Valley Joist + Deck is an independent steel company that designs, engineers and manufactures a full range of steel joist and deck product systems. The company, headquartered is in Fort Payne, has additional operations in Fernley, Nevada and distributes joist and deck products throughout North America.

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