Meeting challenges head-on

Pictured is Regan McClung, former NACC Theatre Manager/ Outreach Coordinator and current FPMS English teacher.

Regan McClung has been the Northeast Alabama Community College Theater Manager/Outreach Coordinator for the past 15 years. As the curtain closed on “Driving Miss Daisy,” the recent performance at the theater, the curtain also closed McClung’s role at the theater. McClung has accepted a new role as a seventh grade English teacher at the Fort Payne Middle School.

“I loved my job at the college,” McClung said. “I will always treasure my years there and the people I worked with. This new position will allow me to have the same schedule as my child and husband, who is a teacher, and afford us more family time. We plan to use our summers to travel abroad.”

The message McClung is well-known for sending out into the world is one of reaching deep down inside oneself to find your own creativity; however, she also has a message of facing challenges head-on.

McClung, now in her mid-forties appears to be the image of health. She diligently watches what she eats and maintains a health regime of physical fitness suited to her needs, because to do any differently would make her medical conditions worse.

McClung found herself, several years ago, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center after a pharmacist encouraged her to go get answers about her health issues. She has more than just one medical condition.

One medical issue she deals with is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, commonly called PCOS. This syndrome makes it difficult for women to become pregnant, increases unwanted hair growth, adds unwanted pounds, and hormonal imbalance that promotes depression and anxiety.

She also has Type II Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, Crest syndrome and Raynaud’s Syndrome. Fortunately, her diligent search for answers has allowed her to lead a productive life and she was able to have a son.

Another challenge she had to overcome was achieving academic goals as she came from a home where just having the daily necessities was problematic. She was able to attend college by achieving an academic scholarship.

Recently she acquired a certificate to teach yoga, which she finds helps her immensely in her goal to well-being.

Regan’s Motto: “Be the light.”

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