The Valley Head baseball program has been playing without a home field.

The neighboring town of Hammondville plans to upgrade its ball field and make it the new home of Valley Head baseball, as announced during Hammondville’s town council meeting with state and local leaders in June.

Those present at the meeting included: Mayor John Moore, Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter, then-Interim Superintendent Scott Timmons, Vice Superintendent Brian Thomas, Valley Head High School Principal Corey Dupree, Athletic Club President Dave Vest, Councilwoman Felecia Harrison, Joseph Lee of Lee Boys Construction, Town Clerk Kim Johnson and Mitch Gregory, who will be in charge of taking down trees around the baseball field.

Hammondville purchased six galvanized poles from Fort Payne Water Works for a total cost of $6,000. However, due to the poles being steel and not from Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative, Sand Mountain Electric could wire the poles but not set them.

Center field will have to be backed up 30-40 feet and new backstops and netting installed, costing $19,000.

The DeKalb County Board of Education voted at an earlier board meeting to reimburse Hammondville for the purchase of the fencing. According to a statement from the town of Hammondville, Lee will donate his services to increase the center field area.

Gregory, a contractor, said he would perform all of the tree cutting and removing of trees and branches in the way of the new fencing.

Hammondville was consulting with local building contractor Larry O’Tinger regarding the concession stand refurbishment. Moore said the electrical system needed to be reworked because of flooding and to make sure it would accommodate all the new lighting and scoreboard to be donated by Coca-Cola.

Moore said Hammondville could put in $10,000 for ball field refurbishment; Vest said the athletic club could give $10,000 as well.

Ledbetter said the cost would be around $76,000, with more expenditures likely to follow. He agreed to make a $15,000 donation.

Timmons proposed to donate $50,000 pending discussion with the board’s financial officer.

Since the meeting, the fencing and poles have been removed.

For those interested in donating the baseball field’s refurbishment project, send it in care of: Hammondville Town Hall, 37646 U.S. Highway 11, Hammondville, AL. 35989, or call 256-635-6374 for more information. Make checks payable to: Town of Hammondville Park and Recreation Fund.

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