Longtime Fort Payne public servant passes away

Ronnie Warren will be missed at Fort Payne's annual community Christmas dinner.

Fort Payne is mourning the loss of a longtime peacekeeper and public servant as Ronnie Warren died Tuesday morning.

Fort Payne Mayor Brian Baine responded to the news by saying, “We here at the City are all saddened with the news of his passing. He has been part of this City for many years and will truly be missed, not only for all his work in law enforcement but all of his volunteer work as well.”

Warren’s health had deteriorated over the summer, according to Fort Payne Police Secretary Jeanie Waller. She said he was hospitalized at DeKalb Regional Medical Center for three months, then spent a week at Collinsville Nursing Home before being transferred to and passing away at Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome, Ga.

Earlier this year, Warren marked 36 years in public service as he joined the police force Feb. 16, 1985. Before that, he worked for two years as an emergency medical technician for DeKalb Ambulance Service and spent four years as a DeKalb County Sheriff's Department deputy.

In September 2005, he became a revenue and compliance officer and has been in charge of supervising city facilities, including City Hall Auditorium. Then, in September 2010, he was promoted to assistant police chief. This past January, he was appointed to the mayor’s detail and returned to City Hall again.

Warren was an active participant in a number of local charitable events, including serving as coordinator for the city's annual Community Christmas Dinner.

Funeral arrangements were not available at press time.

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