In the court room of DeKalb County Probate Judge Ronny Osborn Sept. 26, Jo W. Stiefel, Donna Wilks Pate and Jannece Blansit took the oath of office to enter into the office of Board of Registrars.

Stiefel has been with the DeKalb County Board of Registrars since 2003 after being appointed by former Gov. Bob Riley. For this term, Stiefel was appointed by Gov. Kay Ivey.

Pate’s appointment came form Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler and Blansit was appointed by Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture Rick Pate.

Stiefel said the total number of registered voters in DeKalb County has increased since 2003.

“When I came in 2003, we had approximately 35,000 voters,” she said. “As of today, we have 42,874 registered voters.”

The main functions of the board of registrars is voter registration, and Stiefel said they do all they can to accommodate people who wish to become registered voters.

“Anyone who does not already have a valid Alabama drivers license or a valid Alabama non-driver identification, or a valid state issued ID in Alabama or any other state, a valid US passport, a valid employee ID from a federal government, state of Alabama, or county or municipality, or other entity of the state can get the voter photo ID,” she said. “The photo ID law was passed as a requirement several years ago, so anyone who comes to our office that provides us with documentation showing us their full name, date of birth, and has a valid social security number, then we will issue a photo ID for free so they can use that on election day.”

Stiefel said anyone who already has the identification forms mentioned above is not eligible to receive a photo ID. She said more information about registration for the photo voter identification card can be found on

“The bulk of our registration is coming in online,” she said. “It can come from the Secretary of State online web, or it can come from the Probate License Commission. An individual can also go online to and click on the ‘Register to Vote’ tab and it is a straightforward direction through the procedure to register, but you have got to have a valid Alabama drivers license to register online.”

Stiefel said anyone who does not have a valid Alabama drivers license will need to either physically come to or contact the board of registrars’ office so she and the other two registrars can help with registration either in person or via mail.

Stiefel said they maintain the voter rolls by keeping them up to date. She said they remove people who are deceased or who have moved out of the state or out of the county and process and remove felons who have been convicted of a disqualifying offense. She said their goal is to register as many eligible voters as possible.

“We will do everything we can to help someone get registered to vote,” she said. “The three of us will be doing all we can and burning the midnight oil to get every eligible person in DeKalb County registered to vote.”

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