Council announces facility opening dates

The Rainsville City Pool, above, opened Monday and used COVID-19 safety guidelines. Right, the council Monday discussed when other city facilities would be opening.

The Rainsville City Council provided an update on Monday the city's services and facilities opening this week.

Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt said during the council meeting this week they had planned to open the Rainsville City Hall on Monday, but due to ongoing construction, they decided to hold off.

He said they should resume normal operations by Wednesday.

“The [Northeast Alabama] Agri-Business Center is good to open,” Lingerfelt said.

The Tom Bevill Enrichment Center is set to be opening on July 1. Lingerfelt said because the majority of its events cater to senior citizens, they have been holding off opening it for the safety of the people.

Municipal Courts will resume on Tuesday, June 16, followed by June 23 and 30.

Lingerfelt said they have been trying to open things back up in a reasonable time as smooth and slow as possible to keep people safe.

“It’s not just us the workers, it's the people outside and the citizens of Rainsville,” he said.

Councilman Brandon Freeman provided the council with an update of openings and events for Rainsville Parks and Recreation.

“We’ve actually gotten back to normal as far as the parks and recreation,” he said.

The Rainsville Pool opened Monday. Freeman said they implemented guidelines that include a max capacity of 75 people, and the chairs have been set at a six-foot distance adhering to social distancing.

“Where normally we always had 15-minute breaks every hour, we took the break out and rotated out lifeguards out every 20 minutes at each station. That eliminates the lines at the concession stand where people normally congregate together,” he said.

Freeman said he visited the pool on Monday and the changes worked fine. There were no issues and there were around 70 people who came to use the facility.

He said they are planning on opening up the Rainsville City Park and the park at the Rainsville Sports Complex, known as the Field of Dreams, on Wednesday, June 3.

“There will be a crew there [Tuesday] to sanitize,” Freeman said. Also, they have set up a schedule in which the park would get sanitized once a day.

There will be signs placed at the parks that let visitors know there are no wipes or hand sanitizers available.

“We will sanitize it once a day, so if you’re not comfortable with it, you need to bring your own stuff to wipe it down,” said Freeman.

The Rainsville Farmers Market kicks off its 2020 season on Thursday at the Rainsville Sports Complex pavilion with vendors setting up at 3 p.m. and the market opening up at 4 p.m.

“The vendors are each sitting at 10-foot sections and we are going to have a one way in and one way out to,” said Freeman.

He also announced peewee football sign-ups are June 8 and 9 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Field of Dreams.

The registration fee is $75 plus $25 for a jersey if you did not play the previous year. You will need to bring a copy of your child's birth certificate or the birth certificate to registration if this is your child's first year.

Closing Monday night’s meeting, the Rainsville City Council went into an Executive Session to discuss potential litigations.

Councilman Bejan Taheri said they received a claim from Jeff and Susan Rooks of Rainsville that said a pipe was washed up on Country Club Lane due to the increase in water damage.

“We are going to have Jack Hartline [Excavation] to fix the problem, and a paper will be signed saying that from now on if anything happens to their pipes, the City of Rainsville is not responsible anymore,” said Taheri.

The council approved the repairs of the culvert off Country Club Lane at the price of $4,413. Pending a signature form the property owners.

The council also heard updates from the following departments and councilmen:

Rainsville Library Director Sarah Cruce said the Rainsville Public Library opened Monday.

“We taped everything off to where [patrons] stay a safe distance from the front desk, the computers were moved six feet apart, and we took out the ones in between,” she said.

Cruce said they saw around 40 people on opening day. Patrons were limited to 10 at a time and she said everyone was great and respectful.

“We cleaned as soon as they left, wiping every computer down,” she said.

Cruce said their modified Summer Reading Program would not feature their big event at the Tom Bevill Enrichment Center this year.

“We just didn’t feel like there was any way to keep 50 to 100 kids separated safely in that one room,” she said.

Lingerfelt said they would be installing screens up at the library to provide a protective area when handling visitors and items.

Rainsville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sandy Goff said she had contacted vendors for the Freedom Fest.

“I have several that are not going to be able to participate this year, but I have a lot that are. I still have a few more that I am waiting to hear back from,” said Goff.

Regarding the Freedom Festival fireworks, Lingerfelt said he has signed the document and has sent it to the firework company that handles the permit yearly.

Councilman Ricky Byrum discussed with the council drainage issues on 4th Ave and potholes that need to be fixed throughout the city. The council will look into this matter further.

The council also:

• approved the Sewer Usage Agreement with the Town of Section, that covers the sewer usage for Fyffe, Powell and Northeast Alabama Community College.

• approved to put out to bid the Paving Project for Church Street, Grimes Street and Northside Drive. Opened bis are set for June 18 at 1 p.m. in the council chambers.

• approved the purchase of 20 4-yard dumpsters from Toter at approximately $11000 for the Rainsville Sanitation Department.

• approved to donate $1,000 to the Rainsville Chamber of Commerce to advertise the 2020 Freedom Fest.

• approved flood damage repairs for Chavis Road and County Club Lane.

The next council meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2020, with a workshop at 4:15 p.m. and a regular session at 5 p.m.

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