The initiative will offset the out-of-pocket cost for students in grades K-6

Last week, Collinsville High School announced it will offer school supplies for students in grades K through sixth for the 2021-22 school year.

Collinsville High School Principal Bradley Crawford said their motivation for providing school supplies came from a strong desire to help the school community and the families who are part of it.

"The past year, during the [COVID-19] pandemic, we saw the struggles some families face," he said.

As a result, Crawford said the school's leadership team, composed of Assistant Principal Kim Osborn, Elementary Principal Jacob Brown and himself, sought a way to provide some relief for families.

"We firmly believe that if our students are equipped with the tools they need to learn, we will realize the fruits of this effort in the positive academic outcomes that will occur," he said.  

Per the National Retail Federation's most recent annual survey, parents of elementary through high school students plan to spend an average of $789.49 per family, topping a previous record of $696.70.

Through strategic planning and using their budgeting process, Crawford said they were able to set aside funds to offset the costs of classroom supplies students' parents are often asked to purchase each year.

As reported by the NRF, on the average back-to-school spending per household he stated, the average planned spending per household in the United States has gradually increased year-to-year.

This is an increase of over $300 since the beginning of the survey in 2004.

"We are also very fortunate to have formed strong relationships with community partners," he said. "By leveraging these connections, we were able to bring additional support to provide no-cost school supplies for our K-6 students."

Crawford said they hope to continue this initiative in future school years through fiscal responsibility, developing more partnerships, and purposeful planning.

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