The Marine Toys for Tots fundraiser at the RTI Charity Mud Volleyball Tournament on august 10 in Rainsville was a success.

A total of 19 teams signed up (there were 15 last year).

We truly appreciate being selected as one of two charities to be recipients of the tournament proceeds.

The other charity being helped is T1D Mod Squad.

For the first time ever, our Toys for Tots Marines had a volleyball team in the competition this year.

A big thank-you goes out to our Marines Robert Bethune and Tim Trotter, who recruited our players and designed tee shirts as well! The team mascot: DIRTY DAWGS.

The "Dirty Dawgs" were a tough team, hanging in there for five hours of play, until finally being nudged out by the Horton Hornets - who went on to finish at No. 2.

First place went to "The Bumpin' Uglies" of Rainsville [who played last year as "The Muddy Ballers"].

The Dirty Dawgs lineup: Bethune, Trotter, Kevin Ellis, Guntersville USMC Recruiter GySgt Cliff Champ, Ethan Wilkerson, Andrea Hubbard, Eli Johnson, Tyler Jenkins, Tia Trotter, Lydia O'Donnell, and Bryant O'Donnell.

Also representing Marine Toys for Tots were Christy Ellis, TFT Coordinator LaRue Hardinger, and TFT Co-Coordinator Landon Fant.

A huge thank-you going out to the entire CIC team at Rainsville Technologies, Inc., especially Human Resources Admin Delena Owen and HR Mgr Andrea Bell Gregory.

We are very excited and optimistic, looking forward to our 2019 Toys For Tots campaign.

Anyone wishing to donate to Toys for Tots of DeKalb County is invited to check out our website:

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