Flying for furry friends

Pets are welcome at Saturday's event.

The DeKalb RC Flyers and the Friends of DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center will celebrate National Model Aviation Day this Saturday at Jacoway Field in Fort Payne from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Academy of Aeronautics will hold the seventh annual National Model Aviation Day that is geared toward sponsoring community charities through local chapters.

DeKalb RC Flyers Club Secretary Cindy Mealor said National Model Aviation Day was created to encourage clubs to celebrate the hobby and share it with the public, while raising money for charity.

“Our chartered clubs have also been asked to conduct a fundraiser to provide assistance to a worthy cause,” she said. “This year, the national charity is The AMA Foundation. Clubs are welcome to select another charity, or simply host a fun event with no fundraiser.”

According to, The AMA Foundation is a “grassroots, US-based 501c3 non-profit organization that supports Ama Ghar, a permanent care home in Nepal for at-risk homeless children who have been abandoned, trafficked or have lost their homes and family to poverty, drug/alcohol abuse or illness.”

This year, the local RC Flyers voted to once again support the Friends of DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center and sponsor them at the event. The FDCAAC is a volunteer-based group that supports the county shelter through merchandise sales and offers information about adoptions and fostering needs in the community. Representatives from the FDCAAC will be at the event Saturday with an information booth and donation jars.

Mealor said she and other club members visited places throughout DeKalb County and were given lots of donations for the shelter and door prizes for the event.

“We were able to go around the community and get a bunch of people and businesses to donate stuff to help raise money for the animals,” she said.

For the raffle, Mealor said more than 25 establishments donated, and there are various restaurant gift cards and certificates, pet toys, pet beds, treats for dogs and cats, a round of golf and sunglasses.

There will also be Papa John’s pizza, along with sodas and water for sale.

Although the shelter won’t have any adoptable pets available at the event on Saturday, Mealor said anyone is welcome to bring their pets to the field.

For anyone wishing to fly a model aircraft, there will not be an entry or “landing fee.”

“For the pilots we have three games planned, Limbo, Full Contact Combat and a new game we call Loop and Roll,” she said. “There is no landing fee for the pilots. They do have to have their current AMA membership card. They must follow the AMA Safety Codes.”

memberships can be attained on the AMA website, For more information on the event or the DeKalb RC Flyers, visit their website, Contact information and a map for Jacoway Field, located at 23rd Street South, can also be found on their website.

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