Deck the halls with boughs of holly—and pinecones, cotton bolls and magnolia seed pods. Backyard greenery can be combined to create beautiful holiday decorations. Trees, shrubs, plants and fruits are ready-made materials to build show-stopping indoor and outdoor decor.


Evergreen tree and shrub species make excellent decorations for winter and can withstand the elements. These evergreen species include ivy, holly, cedar, Leyland cypress, pine and viburnum.

Other outdoor materials to consider using include:

• acorns and pecans

• pinecones

• holly and nandina berries

• hydrangea blossoms

• cotton bolls

• lotus and magnolia seed pods

• pyracantha

• reindeer moss

• rose hips

• dried fruit (i.e. citrus, apples, cranberries)

Gathering Materials

It is suggested gathering materials in the cool of the morning, when materials are fresh after the previous night. It’s also recommended to use sharp pruning tools when collecting live greenery.

Distribute cuts evenly around the plant to preserve the natural form. When possible, make pruning cuts inside the canopy so the cut is hidden.

Keep in mind the materials for decorations are natural materials. It is possible to track insects or animals into the house when bringing in outdoor materials. Assembling materials and working outdoors is an easy way to prevent this from occurring.

Christmas decorations on a tree.

Christmas presents under a Christmas tree.

Craft Ideas

Edwards offers some simple craft ideas using nature to take household decorating to the next level this holiday season.

Kissing Balls

People often make kissing balls as an alternative to mistletoe sprigs. These are generally made of short sprigs of boxwood or other greenery and then hung where you would traditionally find mistletoe.

To create a hanging decoration with natural materials, gather a small, round potato, wire and cut greenery. Using the potato as a base, fasten a piece of wire for hanging and insert sprigs of greenery until the potato is completely covered. The potato will keep the cut greenery fresh. Once finished inserting the sprigs, decorate with ribbons, berries, mistletoe and other festive greenery to help complete the look.


A wreath is another fun decorative option. First, collect items such as a grapevine wreath, acorns, twigs, pinecones, lichens and any other desired materials. Place these items around the wreath and hot glue them onto it. Like the kissing ball, adding ribbons and other materials will complete the overall look.

Nature Owls

For those looking to be a little more creative, creating nature owls is a great option. Begin by collecting pine bark, acorns, twigs and seeds.

Gently chip the bark into the shape of an owl, and then glue two acorn caps to the bark to create the owl’s eyes. Glue a seed under the eyes for the owl’s beak then glue the owl to a leaf branch for display.

More Information

These are just a few ideas for holiday decorating with backyard greenery, but the options are limitless. Get creative and decorate with the natural things found around the home. Find more information by visiting Alabama Extension online at

– Lori Wheeler is the DeKalb County Extension Coordinator.

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