Good Saturday morning, my Fort Payne Main Street family and friends. I want to give a special welcome to our awesome Alabama band fans that are in town for Fan Appreciation Weekend 2019. This is a special one considering that it is “The Boys’” 50th anniversary. I have to say that is an incredible amount of time to be making music. I am amazed at the longevity of Alabama’s music to still be relevant after all this time but then again I am not surprised because good music and lyrics is good music no matter how much time passes. Actually their music gets better with time and that is why they are genuine legends because they were genuine.

The Boys have a lot going on this week and you can keep up with them on their Facebook page and also the Times Journal had a great rundown on all things Fan Appreciation Weekend. Fort Payne Main Street loves our Alabama Fan Family who makes it here every year! That dedication makes you guys very special. I know there are a lot of return fans but I had one call me last week asking a few questions and they informed me this is their first time! How cool is that?! We will be selling the 50th Anniversary Fan Appreciation banners once the week is over and we take them down, contact me at 256-996-2131 for more information on how to purchase. Y'all fans enjoy and please come back.

Our Fort Payne Main Street Farmers Market is up and running great with more and more vegetables coming in each week. We are located across the street from the Coal and Iron building where Highway 35 and Highway 11 cross. We are open Saturday mornings 7-12 and Mondays 3-6 so come by and see us and grab some of the best locally grown fruits and vegetables around especially tomatoes and maybe one of Granny’s fried pies…anyways just come see us!

Be sure and stop by Hunt Hall located in the Opera Block to see the Alabama Bicentennial Display. It is a really well thought out and nicely done tribute to our beautiful and historic state. The last day that it will be in Fort Payne is Friday June 28th so you do not have long to come experience this cool display.

Thanks for your love and support of Fort Payne Main Street.

— Tim Harris is executive director of Fort Payne Main Street.

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