What does the chamber do? Well, we feel like a lot, but we really want to do even more.

The Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce has a new tagline with our new logo, Partner. Build. Prosper. We feel like becoming a PARTNER with businesses, schools and community leaders, we will BUILD a better Fort Payne and in turn all PROSPER.

The chamber can be a coordinator of sorts for our community helping to facilitate and promote initiatives to benefit our community.

We are seeing our membership grow, and we want to provide more tangible benefits to our members. One-way current members can help with this is by offering chamber members some type of discount or incentive as new members or a one-time promotion for existing members if you choose.

It could be as simple as a percentage off your first purchase, you can get creative with it, we want both parties to benefit.

This helps you as member promote your business as well, we feel like it’s a win for both parties.

Not every member has a product for sale, those members often support the chamber through sponsorships.

We have some really great opportunities to sponsor events, meetings and even promotions. There are great ways to get your name out there while helping support your local chamber.

Why is sponsoring so important? We want to grow and offer our community more as a chamber. Already we are partnering with Fort Payne High School to start a job shadowing program and working more closely with economic development for workforce development initiatives.

The chamber needs to be more involved politically and working with our legislators toward policies that benefit our members.

I get so excited thinking about everything we can still do as a chamber, but we need your support as a community.

I’m not satisfied with status quo, but I need your help to move forward. I encourage you to reach out to me and let’s talk about the chamber and how you can plug in. Remember, everything we do is for our businesses and community, we are here for you.

I love feedback, let’s talk about how you feel the chamber can best work with your business.

We may not always share the same ideas, but we can most certainly take our ideas and together make something work. Help me help you Fort Payne!

— Jennifer McCurdy is director of the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce. Her column appears in the Times-Journal on Thursdays. Give her a call at 256.845.2741 or email me at jennifer@fortpaynechamber.com.

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