This may sound familiar. Stan Cole worked in the sock manufacturing business and like everyone else, when manufacturing moved offshore, Stan had to decide what he wanted to do.

The logical move was to ask Ashley Elliot from Henagar to marry him, and she did. Ashley had just moved back to Henagar from California where she worked in forensics for the county of Santa Clara. So, both unemployed, they decided to move to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where Ashley would obtain her PhD in Molecular Biosciences from Middle Tennessee State University.

Stan admits to still not fully understanding her degree, but she did marry him without a job, so he rolls with it.

Stan decided he would further his education as well and obtained a master’s in business administration while working as an operations supervisor in a manufacturing plant in Murfreesboro.

When Stan and Ashley became parents to Michael in 2016, they recognized the importance of family and friends, which has nothing to do with free babysitting, and packed up and moved home. Both back home and unemployed, decisions had to be made. Ashley decided to go into teaching and was fortunate to have an opportunity to teach science at Fort Payne High School. She is also assistant coach for the girls’ soccer team at Fort Payne High School. Ashley played soccer in high school and also in college, so this is a great fit for her.

Stan was sending out resumes and making connections, but all the while wanted to do something of his own. After researching several opportunities, and with the advice of his father, Bobby Cole, Stan decided to open a retail store. The Bargain Depot located at 4306 Williams Ave. houses online customer returns from major retailers at discounted prices. Merchandise is primarily for the home, such as furniture, lighting, appliances, rugs and even vanities. You never know what you will find, it’s a very organized treasure hunt. Items are displayed and easy to see and find.

Stop by and check them out sometime. If you swing by the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce, we have a couple of chairs from The Bargain Depot available for purchase. Thank you, The Bargain Depot, for your membership to the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce. Follow The Bargain Depot on Facebook for updates.

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