hen Mary Reed started working in the wire harness business in 1993 it never occurred to her that one day she would own the company. Mary is an example of how hard work and dedication will make a difference in your life.  She started out at the 25-employee wire harness plant in procurement. The owner insisted she learn all facets of the job to better understand the departments she was supporting, so she did. After a few years Mary had experience in every aspect of the plant and became the General Manager. In 2007, the opportunity to purchase a wire harness plant was presented to her, and after much consideration she took a leap of faith and now she owns and operates Heritage Wire Harness. They currently have over 225 employees, and still growing. 

Mary explained that her commitment to customer service was what drove her to learn as much as possible and provide the best customer service experience she could. While touring Heritage Wire I noticed Mary knew employee names and asked questions about their family. It was also apparent that she still takes customer service very seriously, always cautious to provide the best service and product possible. 

When we talked about hobbies, well she refers to her work. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Curt, and her two children Brittany and Spencer. Brittany, a contract auditor, and her husband live in Greensboro where they are raising two boys, Graham and Reed. Spencer owns a local business, Spenzr Tree Service, which he started while in high school. Spencer and his team recently helped with clean-up after Irma in Florida. 

I’m always in awe of risk takers, probably because many aren’t like Mary. It’s fine to take a risk if you can back it up with hard work and dedication. Mary did, and it makes me proud to know a strong female business owner who seems to be doing it right. Thank you, Mary, for setting a great example for other young women and for serving on the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. To learn more about Heritage Wire Harness visit them online at www.heritagewire.com.

Jennifer McCurdy is director of the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce. Her column appears in the Times-Journal on Wednesdays. You can email her through the chamber’s website at fortpaynechamber.com.

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