Crum named police chief

Geraldine Assistant Police Chief Matt Crum was recently approved by the city council to lead Geraldine’s police department.

Crum has filled the position left behind by former police chief, Sedmon Allen, who resigned to take a position with the Alabama State Troopers. 

Crum was a former offensive lineman for Samford University and has 10 years experience in law enforcement. He has been with the Geraldine Police Department for two years and has served as the assistant chief for the past year. 

“He’s a great community guy,” Geraldine Mayor Chuck Ables said. “They bought a house here and his wife teaches school at Geraldine. They live in the community, and he’s very involved with the youth at his church.”

Ables said Crum had been an asset to the police department and he believed Crum would be an excellent chief. 

“His goal is to help people and enforce the law,” Ables said. “He can be forceful if he has to, but he has a calm demeanor and that fits in with what we’re trying to do in Geraldine.”

Crum said his mission as police chief is to be a leader for the police department so that it can serve and protect Geraldine’s citizens.

“My plan is to keep the city safe,” Crum said. “It’s a good town to work in and it’s a safe place to work. We have our problems like everywhere does, obviously, but I just want to continue to do my job and lead the police department.”

Crum said he wants to make progress in improvements at the department and earn the trust of the people of Geraldine.

“I’d like to improve the police department so that it stays up to standards as far as where we need to be with technology and training,” Crum said. “As far as my plan for Geraldine, it’s to keep working and earn the citizens’ trust and the business owners’ trust and to protect life and property.”

—Staff Writer Kayla Beaty contributed to this report.

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