Rainsville native leads security firm

Daniel Byrd

A Rainsville native has been named CEO of Zona Facta Collective, a security company operating in several states.

Daniel Byrd has served in the private security industry for almost two decades, the last 10 years in leadership and executive roles.

Zona Facta (ZF) is in the “risk mitigation” field, servicing multiple states with armed and unarmed private security services, private investigation and executive protection.  

“Two months ago, a fulfilled purpose of all these years of hard work arrived. I was humbly recruited, and ZF’s board appointed me as CEO,” he said.

“Humbly, at the helm of this incredible ship they have created, I lead a national team of protecting what matters most in an unpredictable world. The small town, one red-light (at the time) community, Sand Mountain native has the chance to impact the country he loves! It’s all I’ve ever wanted. We all dream of legacy, what we will be remembered for, etc. I merely just wanted to make a difference. I’ve made hard, regretful, and sometimes heart-breaking decisions since I left my hometown of Rainsville, but I never gave up on my passion! I stayed in the industry of protecting and serving!”

Byrd said he didn’t follow through on his original path professionally.

“Or what others thought I would be. I didn’t get to finish college for various reasons. I was challenged. I was on the bottom. I’ve had significant scars and injuries from the 15 years of this career, and I was even homeless for a few months, but I’m still here. The teams, the professionals and the mentors I’ve had along the way are an intricate part of how I lead; how I will continue to lead; and how I will always lead,” he said.

Byrd’s path to this opportunity started at Plainview High School, where he graduated in 2003.

“I received a Theatre Scholarship from NACC and completed two years of the program, with a 3.8 GPA, when I transferred to the University of Montevallo.”

While at NACC, he performed in multiple shows such as “Fiddler on the Roof”, “The Fantastiks”, “Blood Brothers”, “Peter Pan”, “The Foreigner”, “Our Town”, etc. I always thought that I would someday be an actor/singer in the industry.However, life took me on a different path.”

While attending Montevallo, Byrd secretly begin working various private security jobs.

“I always had a hidden desire to protect others. I was always a bigger child growing up and was always one of the largest teammates on any team. My childhood was made of various experiences, but deep down, I knew that I would not be staying local. My heart and my roots will always be in Rainsville, but my purpose led me elsewhere. During this time, I made what many college students make… a bad decision to drop out of college. It’s one my biggest regrets, but at that time, I felt the need to begin my purpose. I’m not saying it was the best decision, but it did teach and mold me in ways I can’t explain.”

Byrd left Alabama when he was 21 and moved to Pennsylvania.

“I decided I officially would leave the theatre dream and follow my hidden purpose instead. I started with a local franchise as an unarmed security guard within a specific hospital. I quickly became promoted to a supervisor, then the director of security. Before I knew it, I was promoted to the director of healthcare security within that franchise.”

He referred to an “amazing mentor who taught me much about the industry. He was a retired chief of police, and I was a sponge to everything he said and taught. I’ll never forget that man or his family, and they will have a special place within me for the rest of my life.”

In 2013, he was promoted to the corporate office of that franchise and continued his security journey.

He lived in Nebraska for almost 10 years and had a son, Jackson Raymond. This fueled his desire to make an even bigger impact.

“I wanted, and still do want, to make him proud and be an example to him of serving and protecting others,” he said.

Before he could finish basic training in the Nebraska National Guard in 2018, veins on both of his legs began swelling and the Army realized that it could not be resolved or cured. He had over 30 veins removed and now requires this particular surgery every two to four years for the rest of his life. He was honorably discharged and returned to the company he had worked for as lead protection agent, then operations manager.

In 2021, he moved to Houston, Texas, still in the security industry.

His many years of field experience and significant training qualified him to head a network of skilled professionals. He said leading Zona Facta is an extension of the passion he has always felt for protecting and serving others.

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