Carter's Beverages approved for sales in Rainsville

The Rainsville City Council has approved Carter’s Beverages LLC's application for alcohol sales in the city of Rainsville. Their store is located at 121 Main Street on Alabama Highway 35.

The Rainsville City Council last Monday approved Carter’s Beverages LLC's application for alcohol sales in the city of Rainsville.

Rainsville Code Enforcement and Revenue Officer Kennedi Traylor said Carter’s has worked on remodeling its building located at 121 Main Street to meet inspection specifications and guidelines.

“Mr. Carter’s has been approved through every angle other than through the council and is really close to getting his Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control license,” she said.

Following the council's approval, a letter will be sent to the Public Building Authority in Montgomery for Carter’s next step in the process.

The council also discussed and approved the Rainsville Police Department vehicle program, which is expected to be cost-saving to the department’s maintenance budget.

Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson said the program will allow the police department and the Rainsville Fire Department to maintain new vehicles.

“We will be able to drive those vehicles for less than 2% a year and be able to flip them and trade them in,” he said. “It will keep us in good vehicles and it does away with our maintenance budget.”

Councilman Arlan “Monk” Blevins said he and Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt had researched the program with Edmondson.

“We’ve talked with the county about it. [DeKalb County Commissioner] Ricky Harcrow said it’d worked great for them and he highly recommended it,” said Blevins. “We are looking at 16 vehicles right now that also will include a couple of vehicles for the fire department. The financing we will do once it’s time to pick those cars up.”

The approved program would allow the city to phase into a leasing program, allowing for the removal of aged vehicles to surplus sooner while acquiring newer vehicles.

“I think in the long run, it saves us money and our policemen are driving vehicles that they don’t have to worry about breaking down or being in the shop every few weeks,” said Blevins.

He said the vehicles have to be ordered before the first of the year. The council granted Blevins approval to pursue the vehicle fleet deal.

The council also:

• approved to amend Ordinance 10-15-2007 to remove the current Business License Cap and adopt Ordinance 12-21-2020 pertaining to the removal of the previous Business License Cap.

• approved switching cell phone carrier back to Verizon Wireless due to ongoing service issues with FirstNet.

• approved to hire Dean White as a police officer for the Rainsville Police Department effective 12-16-2020.

• approved the purchase of a building located at the firing range by the Rainsville Police Department at $4,145 from donated funds.

• approved the purchase of two dual printer and scanner combs for the police department at $324.62.

• approved Resolution 12-21-2020 (A) to surplus two refrigerator boxes from the police department.

• approved the purchase of training and education uniforms for the police department at $923.00.

• approved the purchase of 10 4-yard dumpsters from Wastequip Company at $6,465 for the Rainsville Sanitation Department.

• approved Resolution 12-21-2020 (B) the surplus of a 1997 Mack Sanitation truck.

• approved Resolution 12-21-2020 (C) providing RSA Tier 1 benefits to Tier II Plan members.

• approved a 2% cost of living raise for city employees.

• approved the annual $1,000 Bull Bash sponsorship with Ricky West.

• approved the new light sign at the Field of Dreams Sports Complex from Laney Electric at $1,383.45.

• approved light at the First Responders Memorial in the Rainsville City Park from Laney Electric at $831.

• approved the placement of a street light at the intersection of Kirk and Autumn Creek, a new subdivision in Rainsville.

• approved Tyler Hardin and Josh Ashley to be placed on the list as part-time workers for the Wastewater Treatment Plan to be called as needed.

An executive session was held to discuss the good name and character of a city employee. No action was taken.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Jan. 4, 2021, with a workshop at 4 p.m. and a regular session at 4:30 p.m.

Correction: In Wednesday's print edition, the location of Carter's Beverages LLC was wrongly presented in a photo. The actual storefront is shown in this article. The Times-Journal regrets the error and is glad to set the record straight. 

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