It’s already been a long political season.

You can’t drive far in DeKalb County without seeing signs lining both sides of the highway telling you who to vote for this Tuesday. You also can’t open any social media app or turn on your television without being bombarded by advertisements for various politicians, both state and local.

But, on Tuesday we’ll finally start to weed out the field of candidates to get to our final selections. There are several important races on the ballot in DeKalb County this Tuesday — several races aren’t met with opposition from another party, too, which means this vote will ultimately determine who we have representing us for the next four years.

At the Times-Journal, we always make this push at the end to remind you to perform your civic duty and take a minute to understand the importance of that vote.

There are a number of local names on the ballot this time, and we appreciate all of those people who have given their time, money and effort to run for public office. It’s not always fun, and it’s not always fun to report, but sheriffs, judges, clerks, commissioners and others — all of these are vitally important to the operation of our county.

Primary numbers are expected to be low — they always are — and a runoff election would be even less, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Take the time to research your candidates and the issues on the ballot Tuesday. In today’s issue of the Times-Journal on pages A6-A7, you’ll see a full list of those participating in the June 5 primary. Take some time out of your day today to go over this list and make the best decision for this state and your county.

Also on the ballot is the renewal of ad valorem taxes for the county and city of Fort Payne. We’ve written countless stories about this ballot item, and we’ve got three editorials on today’s Opinion page to help persuade you to vote for the renewal, as well.

The political season will soon end, and those signs will be pulled from the ground and taken up along the roadway, but for the next four years you’ll have to deal with the decisions made on Tuesday.

So, no matter what you do or who you vote for — we aren’t offering any endorsements — just make sure you do show up and vote. Participate in this great honor and be a part of the history of DeKalb County.

Our View is the opinion of the Times-Journal’s editorial board, which includes Publisher Tricia Clinton-Dunne and Managing Editor Bradley Roberts.

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