All the Wizard of Oz did for the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion was to show them what they already had. The scarecrow wanted a brain. He already one.

How about you? Use your brain to determine the wisdom of the following:

Donald Trump flaunts the advice of medical experts and refuses to wear a mask and socially distance. He now has Covid-19. At the time of this writing, there are 18 people in his circle that have been diagnosed with Covid-19. There are 210,000 Americans who have died from Covid-19. What does your brain tell you about the wisdom of not wearing a mask?

Trump says he’s smart because he doesn’t pay taxes and he’s a billionaire. I suspect you have enough brains to recognize an unpatriotic con when you see one.

The tin man asked for a heart. Which of the following actions reflects true compassion?

Donald Trump has separated children from their parents at the border. He has made every effort to divest people of their health insurance during a pandemic. While he is infected with Covid-19 he removes his mask at the White House exposing every worker there to the disease.

Have you ever heard a Trump supporter talk about how kind Trump is?

The lion asked the wizard for courage. You may not already have courage, but I hope you can recognize it when you see it.

John McCain was captured, taken prisoner and tortured during the Vietnam War. He passed up opportunities to be released so others could go home. Trump had “bone spurs”, never served in the military and calls John McCain a loser. Trump refused to honor fallen soldiers in France because he was afraid the rain would muss his hair. He referred to the those who died in war as suckers. Fox News would have you believe that Trump courageously contracted Covid-19. The national security community tells us that the president having a life-threatening illness places the whole nation in danger.

Catching Covid-19 is not an act of courage.

Historically, I’ve chosen candidates based on their positions on issues that were important to me. I never dreamed that I’d have to consider facets of basic character, especially in choosing a president. Trump’s lack of brains, heart and courage make him unfit for the office he holds. Even the wizard can’t help him.

Tobey Miller, Fort Payne, Alabama

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