More than a month ago the Fort Payne Times-Journal was purchased by our former managing editor and the current owner of Fort Payne Publishing Inc., Patrick Graham.

Graham and the Times-Journal staff have been working together since May to keep our consistent voice in the community while raising our standards to a new level. Some of these changes will be evident in our publications in the coming weeks.

As an Editorial Board, we have found that publishing an opinion page in each edition does not give the editorial department the time and resources to address and inform readers of a collective opinion on vital issues in the community. Beginning this week, the Times-Journal will only publish two opinion pages in the Saturday and Sunday edition, rather than one opinion page per edition. By omitting this page from the Tuesday and Thursday editions, the board and staff will have more time to discuss community issues on a deeper and more informed level. This change will in no way diminish our current editorial content. Our regular guest columnists and staff columns will still publish, and most importantly, we still encourage our readers to submit letters to be printed. The “Your Voice” section of the opinion page is in place to allow readers to interact with their community and bring to the surface issues or opinions that concern them. Since this change directly correlates with these issues, these letters are vital.

We feel this is a change that will not only improve the editorial staff, but hopefully, the community’s opinions as we bridge these connections between residents and the issues that concern them. We look forward to having more time to focus on bringing our opinion page to a higher standard and interacting more with our readers.

– Our View is the opinion of the Times-Journal’s editorial board, which includes Publisher Tricia Dunne and Managing Editor Kayla Beaty.

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