Ever said, “I would walk to the end of the earth for you?” Really? There are a few slight problems with that statement. Where is the end of the earth? Unless I am mistaken, the earth is round; therefore, it has no ends, unless you count space. That being the case, it is impossible to walk to the end of the earth. I know, I know, there is a small group of people known as “Flat-Earthers” who still believe the world is flat. Some of these same people also believe we didn’t fly to the moon and that the pictures of round earth taken from space are fakes. To the Flat Earthers I would ask, “Have you seen the edge of the earth?” While it may impossible to walk to the end of the earth, I do know for a fact that it is very possible to walk to the end of the road. I’ll explain shortly.

I’ve owned a few cars in my life that I wish I had kept. They call them vintage now. When I owned them they just called them old. They might also have called them worn out. The fact that I owned them means that they weren’t expensive then. The passing of time can sure do strange things.

I traded a worn out, cut down Volkswagen Beetle once for a worn out beat up 57 Chevy. I didn’t have much money to restore that old car, but fortunately I did work in my brother’s paint and body shop. We didn’t restore my car to its original state but we turned it into a hotrod. We put in bucket seats and carpet. We added a Hurst shifter and a console from a 65 Mustang. We added white lettered tires and chrome wheels. I even ordered a barred grill from the J.C. Whitney Company, in Chicago. The final touch was to give my car a royal blue, metal-flake paint job. I loved that sparkly shine. I washed and waxed that car so many times I’m surprised I didn’t wear the paint right off! These days I wash my car about twice a year. I washed that 57 about twice a week!

It was while I owned that car that I began dated a pretty young lady who would become my wife. This was in the old days when boys went to the girl’s house to pick her up for a date. The only problem was that Jean lived about two miles down an unpaved dirt road. Even though I may have just washed my car, by the time I arrived at Jean’s house it was dirty again. I may have, quite possibly, complained about the dirt. One Friday night, as I approached the spot where I was to turn off the paved road, guess who was standing there. She had walked all the way to the end of the dirt road, so I would not get my car dirty! Now that’s what you call going the extra mile.

That young lady has gone the extra mile for me many times and many ways since then, more times than I can count. After all these years she is more precious to me than ever.

We might not be able to go to the end of the earth for those we love, but we can go to the end of the road. Love does amazing things. Do you know that God loves you? He didn’t go to the end of the earth to show it, He created it, and then sent His Son to live and die on it. That is indeed going the extra mile. I hope your Valentine Day either was, or will be, a good one.

— Bill King is a native of Rainsville, where he and his wife graduated from Plainview High School. King is a director of missions in Opelika, a writer, musician and author. His column appears in the Times-Journal Thursdays. Visit brobillybob.com for more information.

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