Last week I wrote about a trip out west we had planned. If you read the entire column, you know we canceled our plans. We would be there now, and I’m still disappointed, but thankful to have steered clear of Ms. Corona. I don’t know when, but one day we’ll make that trip. Hey, I’ll keep my notes and my itinerary. When that time finally comes I’ll be ready, but I will have to pay again.

I’m still four states away from having been in all fifty. I would have crossed North Dakota and Oklahoma off that list. Yeah, I know, it’s easy to see how I have missed North Dakota but Oklahoma? I’m not sure myself. I’ve been in every state on every side of the Okie state, and this is the third time I’ve scheduled something there that didn’t happen. I’m beginning to wonder.

Lately, my most adventurous travels have been to the grocery store and a couple of disaster relief chainsaw outings. I’ve ventured out to sing to the residents of a retirement home from under a tent in their parking lot. They listened from their balconies, or in lawn chairs, safely distanced from me and one another. I loved it. Last week, I finally went to the barber shop. It was either get a haircut or grow an old-man’s ponytail!

There will be no big trips for my family this year, but I’ve enjoyed revisiting my pictures from previous ones. Through mission trips and vacations, I have been blessed to see some of God’s most beautiful works of creation. I’ve looked across grand canyons from Little River Canyon to THE Grand Canyon. I’ve gazed at magnificent mountains from Alabama’s Sand, Lookout, and Cheaha Mountains, to the Smokies and Rockies, to Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in Hawaii, Mt. Denali in Alaska, The Tetons in Wyoming, Cadillac Mountain in Maine, El Capitan in California, Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala, and Etna and Vesuvius in Italy. I’ve looked at great lakes from Rainsville’s Patton’s Pond, Lakes Guntersville and Martin, to all five Great Lakes, Salt Lake, Crater Lake, Lake Powell, and Lake Tahoe. I’ve been misted by wondrous waterfalls from Alabama’s DeSoto and Noccalula Falls, to Niagara Falls, and Iguazu in Brazil. I’ve walked on beaches from the Gulf Coast and its sugar-white sand to the black sand on Hawaii’s Big Island, and several Caribbean Islands. God has done an astonishing, even miraculous, job in His works of creation.

One day, I’m not sure when, I’m planning to go to the most beautiful place we’ll ever see. I’m not going for a visit; I’m going to stay...forever. I’ve never been, but I’ve read about it many times. I’ll have a really nice house there, and you can too...actually mansions. Many of my friends, and most of my family, live there now. I haven’t seen some of them since I was a child. Most importantly, Jesus lives there. He said he was going there to prepare a place for us, so that where he is, there we may be also. I am super-excited about finally getting to see him. There are several other well-known people there too, including Peter, James, John, and Paul, to mention only a few, whom I want to see. You can go too, and I hope you will, but a reservation is required. The trip and admission have already been paid for us. You’ll have to talk to Jesus to make your reservation. Please do it today because we don’t when we’ll go, but this trip will not be cancelled. Please get ready, because you certainly don’t want to end up going to the only other final destination.

— Bill King is a native of Rainsville, where he and his wife graduated from Plainview High School. King is a director of missions in Opelika, a writer, musician and author. His column appears in the Times-Journal Thursdays edition. Visit for more information.

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