With February showers come reckless drivers.

During these rainy times, it is essential to take into consideration the condition of your tires. While it’s always important to keep a check on your tires, wet weather brings about inattentive drivers and harsher driving conditions. Having worked with vehicles for the last nine years, rainy days were some of the busiest. Ensuring your tires are in fair driving condition will save you a load of trouble.

Maintaining the proper amount of air in your tires is just as important as the condition of your tires, too much or too little air effects not only your driving but also the wear and tear of your tires. Checking the amount of tread life left on your tires is another crucial aspect to take into consideration. A simple and common way to inspect the tread depth is by using a U.S. Lincoln Penny. Place the penny on the tires deepest groove, and if Lincoln’s entire head is visible, the tire is too worn and is not safe for driving.

If your tires have slick spots anywhere, that is an indication that your tires are not weather ready and need attention. Making sure your tires are rotated and balanced regularly is another way to keep a check on the condition of your tires. It may save you time and money while keeping your tires in good shape. Often people don’t think about their tires until it rains, then they flock toward the tire shops, only to realize they’re not the only ones.

Along with a possible long wait, there’s also the possibility of having a mishap before you even make it there.

Stay weather ready and drive safely.

— Cinthia Rico is a staff writer for the Times-Journal. Her email is news@times-journal.com.

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