I was raised in poverty. Our house was a shack. We had a six-foot diameter hole in the ceiling of the living room that was covered only by a blanket. Mother was severely underweight, giving her children her food as there was not enough to eat.

My poverty was certainly not brought on by laziness. My mother worked three jobs to keep us sheltered, clothed and fed. I escaped from poverty because my government invested in me. I received a federal grant that allowed me to go to college. I have paid back that grant a hundred times over by being a productive citizen and patriotically paying taxes.

Through the American Rescue Plan, 30 million families with children started receiving assistance last week in the form of a Child Tax Credit. This is projected to raise 40% of poor children out of poverty. Children that might now have a chance to become productive, tax-paying adults.

The plan not only helps the poor. It is a lifeline to our economy and a way out of the devastating effects of Covid-19. Congress passed this plan in March with no support from Republicans. Here’s how your congressman and senators voted:

Senator Richard Shelby: Nay

Senator Tommy Tuberville: Nay

Representative Robert Aderholt: Nay

The Biden administration has proposed new bills to help Americans: bills to repair and upgrade both physical and human infrastructure, to improve childcare so that people can go back to work, to invest in our future by investing in children. Shelby, Tuberville and Aderholt all plan to vote against these bills.

The Republican party got rid of its platform in the 2020 convention. The Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has stated that his “plan” is to defeat every Democratic proposal. That is his platform. When you listen to Fox News, you will only hear denigration of Democrats, not a platform for what Republicans will do for America.

I’ve been taking a tally of what Republicans and Democrats are talking about. When election time comes, I will vote for people who are talking about ways to address America’s problems. People who are investing in our children’s future. People who have a platform, a plan. People who are working for America.

Tobey Miller,

Fort Payne, Alabama

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