Come out and support homegrown talents

Chance Gray will be performing songs from his first record, "The Long Crossing" Saturday at Vintage 1889 at 8 p.m. He will be joining Jacob Stiefel for his annual "I'll be home for Christmas" concert this Saturday.

The dreary weather the last few days has caused me to have some cabin fever symptoms.

I’ve opted to stay indoors the past few weekends because it’s just been too cold for my liking. It’s time to get out, though, so I am going to bundle up and head to Vintage 1889 to listen to some good music.

Chance Gray, who was featured on the front page of Thursday’s paper, will be playing. He is joining Jacob Stiefel and their friend, Evan Bartels, for Jacob’s “I’ll be home for Christmas” concert. The doors open at 7 Saturday night and the guys will start playing around 8.

Every year, Jacob plays his, “I’ll be home for Christmas” concert for friends and family. This year, Chance asked to join him because he has a special, musical offer for his friends and family – he will be playing songs from his first extended play record, “The Long Crossing,” which made its debut Friday

Both Jacob and Chance are local guys who are now Nashville-based musicians. Jacob, as many of you know, is from Fort Payne, and Chance is from Fyffe.

If you read my article on Chance, you probably know that he is the merchandising manager for American singer-songwriter Jason Isbell.

Chance told me that working for Jason Isbell was something he always wanted to do. He told me that Jason Isbell is he favorite artist, “probably ever,” and that he enjoys getting to chat with him from time to time about writing songs and his way of doing things.

I was excited to hear that Chance landed a job doing something he has always wanted to do. It always makes me happy when I hear a good success story about somebody from DeKalb County.

Chance told me that he did a little research to find out who Jason Isbell’s manager was. He said once he found an email address, he sent in a few paragraphs about who he was and what he was looking to do. Within three months, Chance landed the job of his dreams. I thought that was such an awesome story and I congratulated him on stepping out and reaching for what he wanted. I was happy, to say the least, to get to write the article about him and help him tell his story.

I want everyone to have their dream job, and I want everyone to see their hard work pay off, just like Chance has with the release of his album, “The Long Crossing.”

While I was interviewing Chance, I couldn’t help but be excited for him. This is a big moment for him in his career and I wanted to write my column about the event to invite you all to come out and show your support to a fellow DeKalb County native.

I’ll see you all at Vintage.

—Kayla Beaty is the managing editor of the Times-Journal. She can be reached at

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