I believe most of the citizens of the USA are bewildered by the chaos in the cities that are under Democratic leadership re: Seattle, Portland, New York, Chicago, Kenosha and Washington DC, especially after the Republican Convention. This is not the land of the free and the home of the brave, which is frightening.

Hitler said in the early 1930’s “if you lie long enough and loud enough the people will believe you.” Please dear residents of Ft. Payne and DeKalb County, do not believe the lies that are being expounded upon by the left. The Bible says “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” John 8:32. The fake news is trying to deceive us.

We are blessed of God to live and enjoy the greatest country in the world. We have lived free, have the right to work, save our money and prosper. Don’t believe the Communist, Marxist, Socialist doctrine lie that is being perpetrated: free child care, free health care, free college, etc. This sounds good, but who will pay for it?

It is said that the rich will be taxed heavily and what will this produce, fewer large and small businesses and fewer jobs. Most of us prefer to work hard, pay our bills, own our homes and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Why would a man give up lucrative businesses, private planes and admiration for his business acumen to take constant abuse from the party out of power plus not accepting a salary but donating it to worthy charities. Many in his cabinet do likewise. They love America.

As you consider your vote on Nov. 3, research the facts and don’t have your reasoning jaded by the liberal news outlets. I believe that God has raised up President Trump “For a time such as this” and if anyone can right the ship of state that with God’s help he will.

Mary Ann Cole, Fort Payne, Alabama

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