People too often fall into the trap of thinking that there is an easy, black or white answer to choosing a candidate. But life is gray, not black and white. A one-issue voter may easily be tricked into voting contrary to their own true beliefs.

Being “Pro-Life” is a major issue for many people. I know people who say that it is the deciding issue in every vote they cast. I am very much pro life; all of it. Choosing a candidate who will protect human life isn’t a simple matter of determining whether the candidate believes in a woman’s right to have an abortion. The majority of human life exists outside the womb. And much more human life is lost due to political decisions that have nothing to do with abortion.

Consider the issue of healthcare. My father died of heart disease. His death was unnecessarily early because he was poor and could not afford health insurance. One estimate says that 30,000 people die every year due to lack of health insurance. Some politicians have spent years trying to take healthcare away from people. Here in Alabama, we have long had the option to expand Medicaid to cover thousands of people at mostly federal expense. Are those lives less important than the life of a fetus?

And then there’s coronavirus. The scientists keep telling us to wear masks and socially distance. Politicians ignore their advice and tell us the coronavirus will just disappear. Almost 200,000 dead already and 1,000 people dying every day. The prediction now is that there will be 400,000 dead by the year’s end. Are those lives less important than the life of a fetus?

Many major political issues are life or death matters for some portion of the population: healthcare, environment, food safety, water safety, war, mining, drug safety, immigration, mental health...the list goes on. Consider the number of lives saved every year because someone finally had the political guts to fight Big Tobacco.

Nobody likes abortion. People who believe a woman has a right to choose don’t like abortion. If you are truly pro life, please don’t ignore that many, many people are dying because politicians are gutting environmental, food and water regulations, taking away people’s healthcare, and placing stock market profits over the science of infectious disease. Being pro-life means caring what happens after birth, too.

Tobey Miller, Fort Payne, Alabama

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