In all my years, I’ve never stayed at a better run hospital than DeKalb Regional Medical Center in Fort Payne, Alabama. I experienced the utmost care, with professionalism, attentiveness, knowledge, and really just good ole’ fashion “kindness” even from day one of my long 10-night hospital stay, with half being in ICU. On many occasions, I noticed the staff going over & beyond the call of duty with attentiveness and concern with not only myself, but watching their mannerisms as new patients came in. This hospital appears to care very much about its patients, even including how spacious & clean the halls and rooms were.

I was very pleased to learn they even have an (entirely separate wing) for COVID patients, not even allowing medical staff to cross the wing line if they’re working the COVID wing that day. This reassured me anyone brought in with COVID would be entirely separate from all other patients, like myself since I only had a severe case of food poisoning.

As for food, they maintained my doctor prescribed diets, as well as making sure I would actually enjoy the choices they had available… very remarkable for being so attentive as to whether I was eating or not, and what I enjoyed it not. Miss Berry in Nutrition was very helpful on the phone, as well as the nurse staff = great teamwork.

May I also add that since no visitors were allowed due to the current pandemic, it seemed nurses took turns spending a little extra time with me so I wouldn’t feel so alone, and I’m sure other patients were being treated this kindly and attentive as well.

Thank you - thank all of you!

Here is a list of individuals that come to mind who made the best impressions during my own personal hospital stay. I’m sorry if I missed anyone.

[Charge Nurses/RN’s/Tech in ICU and Regular Wing:]

Carrye (#1), Adam (#2), Angela Hadley (#3), Brittany Killian (#4), Valerie, Daiton, Hannah Meadows, Brianna, Cathey, Lindsay, Angie, Mandy, Payton, Allison, Barbara, Quinssa, Ally, Lori, Cati, Brianna, Jessica, Caitlyn, and Tammy.


Gavin, Lacee, Annie, Sharon

[Food Service]


[Environmental Services/Sanitation]



Dr Jeffery Thomason, Dr Al’Halaseh, Dr Raj, Dr Legostaev


Ashley Matthews

Cheers to you!

Rayne Jaycie Zabava, Mentone, Alabama

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