As I sometimes do, I got up before I woke up. Half asleep, I stumbled into the kitchen and poured myself that first cup of Joe. Then, in my state of grogginess, I mistakenly took the wrong medicine…medicine that wasn’t even mine. At first this scared me half to death. I thought it could make me sick and perhaps even be fatal since it had not been prescribed for me. As it turned out, the good news is that I am now protected against heartworms, ticks, and fleas for the next six months!

The truth is that I really am protected against the dreaded-and-deadly Coronavirus. I have had both shots of the Pfizer vaccine and am past the two-week-post-shot period. None of us are sure for how long we are protected, but for the time being we feel pretty safe.

Someone asked me recently if I had been outside the state in the last year. I laughed and said, “Outside the state! I’ve barely been outside the house.” I have spent more time at home over this past year than I have in probably the last five-years combined. I must admit, I have enjoyed that time more than I would have imagined. I have especially loved getting to spend so much time with Jean. At the same time, I have missed doing what I enjoy doing so much. Normally, I would be speaking, and/or singing, in a church on Sunday mornings, or doing a program of humor as Bro Billy Bob on Sundays nights or at a banquet or luncheon on another day of the week. All of that came to a screeching halt over a year ago. Since getting my vaccines, I have begun to knock off the rust. As Willy sang, I am on the road again. It really feels good to be back out and about.

Billy Bob got his first call to action in 2021 a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have to travel far. I did a banquet program at my home church in Opelika. Then, a couple of weeks later, I filled up the tank, plugged in the GPS, put on my mask, and hit the trail. I drove up through Tennessee and crossed into Kentucky. Ole Billy Bob went to tickle the funny bone of a group of pastors and church leaders at Liberty Baptist Association, in Glasgow, Kentucky. I was there three-years ago to do a program for the association, as well as one for the inmates at Green River Correctional Facility. My ole friend Lynn Traylor invited me back last year, but the pandemic said, “I don’t think so.” Finally, this year, we were able to go. Following the program, I drove back down through the beautiful rolling-hill country of Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee and into Georgia. I made a short visit to Dahlonega, one of my favorite towns. I spent the night in a century-old-store building that has been converted into a small hotel. From there we could walk the picturesque square, where a number of great shops, delicious cafes, and at least three fudge shops are located!

Last week I attended a three-day training conference in Prattville, Alabama. I told the event director that it was the best conference I had been to in over a year. It was also my first conference in over a year. My phone is beginning to ring again, and emails are coming in, and thankfully this time they aren’t cancellations. I’m not simply glad to be on the road again, I am glad to be back among people again. No, we aren’t there yet, but we are on our way!

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